Can Knitting and Crocheting for Benefit Your Health?

If you have ever wondered why most knitters and crocheters look so calm and happy, there’s a scientific reason behind it. Many studies have shown that the rhythmic and repetitive process of working with yarns and needles can have therapeutic benefits.

The Benefits of Knitting and Crocheting

Even though knitting and crocheting have been around for ages, it is only in recent times that their health benefits have been discussed and showcased. Various national and international studies show the multifold benefits of these two crafts, so here’s a glimpse of the benefits of taking up yarn crafts:

  • Relieves emotional disorders:

Many researchers say that knitting and crocheting may help relieve the symptoms of stress, anxiety and even depression. The rhythmic movement involved in both the crafts can make the brain focus on the work and not on anxiety-causing thoughts.

  • Regulates heart rate

Since both crafts require the crafters to sit still and work, it may help regulate the heart rate and gradually lower high blood pressure. It is also believed that the repetitive movement of the hands may stimulate the body’s relaxation response, which the body uses against stress. Once activated, the response causes the breathing to slow down and the heart rate, blood pressure and stress hormones to drop.

  • Stimulates the brain:

Different parts of the brain handle different processes like processing, planning, synthesizing sensory and visual data and storing memories and interestingly, all these functions are required for successfully knitting a sweater. Hence, medical professionals believe that these crafts may support fine motor skills in people with conditions like Parkinson’s disease.

  • Reduces or delays the onset of Alzheimer’s:

Keeping the brain occupied with stimulating activities like reading, solving puzzles and playing games like chess is said to delay the onset of memory-related problems like dementia and Alzheimer’s. Yarn crafts have a similar impact and are used as a therapy in various senior care facilities.

  • Improves motor skills in children:

The crafts involve the use of the hands and the brain simultaneously to understand and follow the pattern and specialists believe that this aspect can improve fine motor skills in children. Some schools even teach children to knit before jumping into academics. Teachers believe that the knitting can improve the children’s ability to work with their hands while teaching them basic mathematics.

  • Helps you deal with insomnia:

One in three adults in the U.S. suffer from sleep deprivation and millions deal with insomnia on a daily basis. Studies show that the relaxing effect of knitting and crocheting can benefit people suffering from sleep disorders. One study even showed that 100 percent of the participants experienced better sleep and 90 percent no longer needed their sleep medications after participating in a sleep study that incorporated knitting.

  • Offers a chance to socialize:

There is a social aspect too, in these yarn crafts. Knitting and crochet clubs bring people, who many are lonely seniors, together on a common platform. It gives them a chance to mingle with others and share similar interests, provides a feeling of pride and also supports mental well-being because loneliness can be a burden on mental health.

Can Knitting and Crocheting for Benefit Your Health?

Having explored the health benefits of knitting and crocheting, who is ready to learn a new craft, improve health, sleep better and gain bragging rights for the special hand-made holiday gifts you will be making for your family?

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