Dill Oil | Detox the Body and Keep Stress and Anxiety at Bay

An excellent natural remedy, essential oils such as dill oil work very well to improve overall health by their detoxing and healing properties. Safe to use in the right doses, your metabolism, digestion and stress can be managed in a natural and healthy way with this oil.

What Is Dill Oil?

Dill is a plant that is cultivated in the U.S., Turkey, England, Romania and Germany. This plant has numerous medicinal properties when used in the form of its oil.

Dill essential oil is a magical potion that works wonders on all age groups. There are mainly two types of dill oil — Dill Seed Oil and Dill Weed Oil.

Dill seed oil is yellowish to light brown in color whereas the dill weed oil is pale yellow. Dill seed oil is from the seeds whereas dill weed oil is obtained from the fresh herbs.

Dill Oil | Detox the Body and Keep Stress and Anxiety at Bay

Dill essential oil blends well with other oils such as nutmeg, bergamot, lemon, orange and caraway. Having a bottle of dill oil handy at home will ensure that all your daily needs are taken care of.

Uses of Dill Oil

Dill oil is also used in the following many ways:

  • In aromatherapy
  • As a flavoring agent
  • As a massage oil
  • In herbal teas
  • As a preservative
  • To control diabetes and help fight sugar cravings

The health benefits of dill essential oil can be attributed to its digestive, carminative, sedative, sudorific, stomachic, disinfectant, galactagogue and antispasmodic properties.

Benefits of Dill Oil

The significant health benefits include:

1. Aids digestion

Dill oil has digestive and carminative properties that make it an excellent tonic for the stomach and has been used as an age-old remedy for piles and constipation.

Dill oil stimulates the secretion of digestive juices in the stomach and promotes digestion. The oil’s beautiful aroma also stimulates the salivary gland and further enhances digestion.

2. Treats breast milk deficiency

It is essential for nursing mothers to lactate more to ensure that their babies are getting enough milk. Dill oil contains galactagogue properties that increase lactation and formation of milk in the breasts.

It not only increases breast milk production but also prevents breastfed babies from experiencing gas, indigestion and flatulence.

3. Relieves stress and anxiety

Dill oil has calming and sedative effects on the brain and nerves. It is a useful remedy to treat tension, stress, depression and anxiety. Using dill oil also induces a good sleep at the end of the day.

4. Relieves spasms

Spasms are abnormal contractions in the intestines, nerves, muscles and respiratory tracts. These spasms often result in muscle pulls, convulsions, cramps, persistent cough and epileptic attacks. Spasms, if left untreated can prove fatal.

Dill oil is a natural remedy to relieve spasms. It contains antispasmodic properties that have a relaxing effect on the nerves, muscles and respiratory tract. It pacifies spasmodic attacks and gives you instant relief.

5. Heals wounds

Dill oil possesses antibacterial and antiseptic properties that promote quick healing of cuts, wounds and bruises. Application of dill oil on the wounds also prevent contraction of secondary infections.

6. Acts as a detoxifier

Dill oil promotes sweating, and therefore, makes you feel lighter in the body. By increasing sweating, dill oil helps eliminate toxins, excess salt and water from the body. It also reduces swelling in the body, lowers blood pressure and maintains overall health.

7. Prevents candida infections

Dill oil is an effective fungicide and helps prevent fungal infections like Candida. It helps fight the infection by inducing apoptosis in the pathogen Candida albicans.

8. Reduces stomach disorders

Dill oil is stomachic in nature and acts as a natural tonic to keep the stomach healthy. It eliminates flatulence, aids digestion and prevents stomach infections. Dill oil also naturally helps cure ulcers and wounds in the stomach.

Side Effects of Dill Oil

When used in the right quantities, dill oil is safe and has no reported side effects.

  1. Although breastfeeding mothers can consume dill oil, pregnant women are advised to refrain from using it. Dill oil can induce menstruation and cause a miscarriage.
  2. Those having sensitive skin are advised to do a patch test before using dill oil.
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