Feng Shui Tips to Realign Your Home for Perfect Fall Vibes

We relate feng shui to placing jade frogs, laughing Buddha statues and ornamental bamboo shoots strategically around the home for peace and joy, but there is much more to this ancient Chinese practice.

Feng shui is a practice that helps align the interiors of our homes or workspaces with nature, for positive vibes and more energy. Feng shui uses factors like colors, sound, light, sculptures, mirrors and crystals to achieve this alignment.

6 Feng Shui Tips for Positive Fall Vibes

Since nothing remains constant in nature, feng shui believes in accommodating these changes by readjusting our personal spaces to align with the changing seasons. Here are some tips to increase the positive vibes in your home this fall.

1. Declutter

With the days becoming cooler and shorter, you may spend more time indoors. Use this time to complete tasks that have been pending for months and start by clearing out any clutter that has accumulated over the summer, especially in the attic. This is supposed to help you move forward without being burdened by heavy objects weighing down on you. It might also help to clean the gutters and cut down large branches that may be hanging over your home, to remove any additional burden.

2. Utilize fall colors

Nature provides the best inspiration when it comes to colors; use it to your advantage and decorate using hues of red, brown, orange and yellow to mimic the fall environment. Orange is said to be a very social color and might be perfect for areas where you entertain. Red is perfect for the entrance as it can attract the right kind of attention and opportunities, while shades of yellow and brown can improve the soothing vibes that flow in your home.

3. Add more color with flowers and plants

With lesser time spent outside, it will help to redecorate with flowers like chrysanthemums to incorporate fall colors. Apart from these vibrant flowers, you could add any indoor plant to your home decor because they add to the beauty of the room, improve the quality of air, reduce stress and improve your mood. While these plants can freshen your home, make sure you occasionally open the windows to let in some fresh air and positive energy.

4. Utilize the harvest season

In feng shui, apart from being good luck charms, pumpkins are also said to protect against negative energy. When you shop for pumpkins, look for different gourds to create wonderful displays indoors and out.

5. Entertain your friends and family

The Chinese practice believes that being able to cook for many is a sign of prosperity, so this would be a good time to entertain family and friends with delicious treats made with fresh seasonal produce. Displaying red apples in your kitchen or on the table will also tell your family and guests that your home will always provide food. The joyful sounds of your guests will also leave positive vibes in your home for a rich season.

6. Step out into nature

Feng shui also believes in the power of sounds and light and recommends spending some time every day listening to and absorbing nature. The chirping of the birds, the fall sun, the light breeze are all aspects of nature that can increase your energy.

Feng Shui Tips to Realign Your Home for Perfect Fall Vibes

Feng shui relies heavily on nature, its colors, sounds and light, so it is advisable to change out your decor seasonally, rearrange the furniture to move old energy around and out and avoid accumulating negative energy to enjoy peace, joy and prosperity always.


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