Top Whole Foods That Promote Better Muscle Recovery Than Supplements

As you reach for your protein shake or the most coveted sports drink to boost muscle recovery, take a minute to think about whether you really need to have that drink or shake. There are tons of healthy whole foods out there that are delicious to eat and help your muscles recover naturally.

While sports drinks are convenient to make and are usually designed to get you the results you want such as faster muscle recovery, they might not give you all the nutrients that whole foods can.

Think about it, whole foods are not only tastier to enjoy but are filled with extra sources of vitamins and minerals that your sports drink might not have. Plus, we can agree that when looking at price tags, we’re all going to head to the food aisle for this one.

Whole Foods to Promote Muscle Recovery

Still not convinced? Take a look at the following foods that help to boost muscle recovery and get you back at the gym in no time.

1. Hard-Boiled Eggs

Eggs are without a doubt one of the most popular foods for muscle building and recovery. Rich in protein and vitamin D, eggs boost muscle growth and improve immune function. After boiling them for 15 minutes, pair with a healthy carbohydrate and enjoy as the ultimate post-workout meal.

2. Greek Yogurt

Greek yogurt contains carbohydrates and proteins, making this an extremely beneficial post-workout snack for your body. While protein is great to aid in muscle building and repair, combining protein with carbs will further the process and boost energy.

3. Baked Potato

Working out causes you to sweat out a lot of potassium and magnesium. In order to replenish these lost minerals, enjoying a baked potato is perfect to increase potassium intake and is rich in carbs, which adds to the muscle recovery process.

4. Baked Sweet Potato

We can’t leave out the baked potato’s cousin, the baked sweet potato from this list. Sweet potatoes are not only rich in carbohydrates but also contain a high amount of fiber and beta-carotene. Not only do you get your carbs for muscle recovery, but you’re also replenishing your lost glycogen stores.

5. Cherries

Rich in antioxidants and delicious to snack on, cherries are an ideal post-workout snack as they reduce oxidative stress from strenuous exercise. Eating cherries will also up your intake of vitamin A and C, fiber and potassium.

6. Kefir

Incorporating kefir into your diet will do your gut a whole lot of good. This food works to boost immune function, which is extremely important as you work out. Kefir is also rich in protein and probiotics that help regulate digestion.

7. Carrots

Carrots are best eaten as a whole food and their ability to boost immune function is extremely important as you train. Why have it in a supplement when you can enjoy it with a side of hummus?

8. Salmon

Salmon is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which help to reduce inflammation of the muscles post-workout. Additionally, it can also help lower cholesterol and promote a healthy heart in the process.

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