Fun Activities for the Whole Family to Engage in During Thanksgiving

Thinking about the delicious turkey and stuffing we’ll be eating during Thanksgiving is already making our mouths water.

While we wish we could speed through the hours of cooking the turkey and making all the sides, it might be a good idea to take the whole family outside for some fun activities to build up our appetites and stay active.

Additionally, Thanksgiving can be a time to get the whole family together and give back to the community while spending more time bonding together.

Thanksgiving Activities for the Family

Stay active or get engaged with the community and enjoy your Thanksgiving holiday to the fullest.

1. Volunteer at a local organization

Thanksgiving can be a wonderful time to teach your children about the importance of giving back to the community and to express gratitude for what they have in their lives.

There are tons of way you can give back. Head to your local soup kitchen or do some winter cleaning and find clothes, shoes and toys to donate to the shelter of your choice.

2. A game of touch football

Football season is upon us, which means it’s not too late to gather the whole family and create a touch football team to squeeze a game in between your meals.

Your children will be thrilled to take on their aunts and uncles and everyone can gear up for the giant meal they’re about to devour.

3. Head out for a walk

Walking has proved to be one of the healthiest exercises out there and any individual of any age can participate in this workout. Use this time to take your pet out for a walk and show off your neighborhood to your relatives who are visiting for the first time.

An excellent way to reduce stress from the holidays and uplift everyone’s spirits, who would say no to being in a happy mood with the family during dinner?

4. Put up the Christmas tree!

Once Thanksgiving rolls around, it’s not too early to get into the Christmas spirit. Children and adults will always feel the magic of a Christmas tree and setting one up will be the perfect bonding experience for the whole family to enjoy.

Get everyone in on the decorations and enjoy a festive snack as you help your youngest one put up the star on the top.

5. Set up an art station

Your little ones will never turn away from a few fun hours of getting creative with paint and color. Get all the kids together to create their own Thanksgiving crafts and have them displayed as centerpieces on your table afterward.

It’s a great way to boost self-esteem and keep the children busy while you’re hustling away in the kitchen.

Enjoy the Holidays!

We’re all guilty of eating a little too much during Thanksgiving and that’s OK. However, it’s still important to stay mindful of your portion sizes and keep your little ones in check as well.

Most of all, enjoy your turkey day and stay safe!

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