Best Ways To Incorporate and Promote A Healthy Lifestyle In College

Everyone’s heard about the freshmen 15 and while some of you might think it’s a myth, it’s actually a real thing and happens to most students in college. When moving to a new city or even country for college, it’s common to experience stress and inconsistency with a new routine.

While it’s easy to stray away from being healthy, because after all, there’s no one telling you not to eat pizza for all your meals, it’s important to follow a healthy routine to avoid hurting your health in the long term.

As socializing and studying becomes the main priority, try to incorporate healthy habits into your lifestyle to keep fit and keep your confidence up.

Stay Fit and Healthy in College

Exercising and eating healthy is possible in college and once you create a routine for yourself to make these things part of your schedule, it will become second nature to your lifestyle in no time.

1. Get your friends to work out with you

As you’re making new friends and meeting new people, try to find a group of people who you can work out and exercise with. Not only will your workouts be more fun, but your friends can hold you accountable when you’re feeling too lazy to exercise.

By surrounding yourself with peers who have the same motivation as you to stay fit and healthy, you will be able to constantly be incentivized to work out and have people to support you.

2. Make trips to the grocery store

Head to the grocery store and stock up on healthy fruits and veggies to keep your metabolism up. By incorporating more healthy foods into your diet, you will avoid heading for the junk food section at the dining hall and keep your diet in check.

Not to mention, fueling up with grocery store food can come out to be a lot cheaper than eating out all the time and will make you feel good.

3. Stay hydrated with water

Make it a habit to carry a water bottle with you everywhere you go. Instead of loading up on sugary drinks, try to sip on your water bottle all day to keep yourself hydrated and refreshed.

Drinking lots of water can help you maintain your weight, keep your skin clear and keep you healthy as you adjust to your new college life.

4. Snack on fruits instead of junk

As tempting as it is to grab a packet of chips to snack on, try to head for the fruit section in your dining hall and grab a couple to munch on during the day.

Fruits are a lot healthier than snacks like chocolate and chips, and you will save your health from all the processed junk out there.

5. Get lots of sleep

Losing out on sleep during college is a very common issue and it’s important for you to be aware of how much sleep you’re getting.

The importance of sleep extends beyond keeping you awake in class. Sleep helps to repair your muscles after a workout, strengthens your immune system and helps you manage all the stress of college life.

6. Design a workout routine for yourself

If you have a workout that you love and enjoy, incorporate it into your routine and be consistent with it. Whether it’s running, swimming or yoga, try to head to your fitness class every day to stick with your routine.

Exercising regularly is extremely important for your health as it prevents obesity, keeps your mood in check and prevents a ton of other health conditions that occur from leading a sedentary lifestyle.

Say Hello to College Life

College is one of the most exciting times of your life as it gives you a chance to be you and figure out how you want your future to unfold. Don’t let your health suffer when you adjust to your new life and make it a priority to stay fit and active as much as you can.

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