How Pumpkins Can Improve Your Overall Health

Pumpkin pie, pumpkin bread, pumpkin spice lattes, pumpkin risotto — the possibilities of pumpkin preparations are endless. Since we’re nearing the fall season, the reasons to celebrate this orange vegetable are endless too.

Not only is fall’s traditional squash versatile enough to be used for a variety of dishes and crafts, it’s also used for a variety of health benefits like keeping your heart healthy, protecting your vision and promoting weight loss, that is if you don’t go overbored on the pumpkin pie of course.

By knowing the variety of health benefits pumpkins can propose to your health, implementing them in your diet will lead to seeing a healthier you.

Health Benefits of Pumpkins

From strengthening your vision to boosting your immune system, pumpkins can do a lot for your health, but the benefits of eating pumpkins don’t stop there.

Strengthen vision: Pumpkins contain more than twice the amount of your recommended daily intake of vitamin A. Vitamin A promotes stronger eyesight and slows the decline of a retinal function in individuals with retinitis pigmentosa, a degenerative disease that can lead to blindness.

Promote weight loss: Pumpkins contain fiber that can help you feel full for long periods of time without the extra calories.

Reduce the risk of cancer: This orange vegetable contains the antioxidant beta-carotene that has been known to play a role in cancer prevention. Pumpkin seeds have also been linked to fighting off certain cancers as well.

Protect your heart: Pumpkin seeds are naturally rich in phytosterols, which are plant chemicals that have been shown to reduce bad, or LDL, cholesterol and help reduce the risk of heart disease.

Maintain skin health: Pumpkins contain carotenoids, which are free-radical neutralizers that help the skin maintain its elasticity and skin tone.

Improve your mood: Pumpkins contain an amino acid called tryptophan, which helps your body make serotonin, the happy neurotransmitter that helps you relax and unwind after a stressful day.

Helps your workout efforts: Pumpkins have a high source of potassium that helps restore the body’s electrolytes after a heavy workout and maintain muscle function.

Boost your immune system: Pumpkins contain vitamin C, an essential nutrient that stimulates white blood cells and antibodies to prevent you from getting sick.

Packed with vital nutrients and vitamins, pumpkins are a staple among many homes during the fall. Considering all that they can do for your health, they might be a new addition to your home cooked meals too. Pumpkins can be eaten raw, baked, steamed, cooked and even drank as a juice. But, before you begin adding this vegetable into your regular diet, make sure you speak with your doctor first to find out if it’s going to be the right decision for you.

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