How to Make the Most of a Long Weekend?

Even though all of us look forward to three-day weekends, many never have any special plans. It is understandable though, that life can take over, with work, kids and chores leaving us with no time or energy to think ahead and plan accordingly.

Here are nine exciting tips to make the most of the long weekend that is around the corner and the others that will follow soon.

1. Catch Up on Lost Sleep

Studies show that at least one in three Americans is not getting enough sleep and this may be linked to various health issues like stress and weight gain. Good sleep can help enhance overall health, help you focus better and provide energy for the long days ahead, so use the long weekend to catch up on lost sleep.

2. Unplug From Your Devices

We spend a major chunk of our awake time surrounded by various gadgets, and studies show that being hooked on devices and social media for long hours may lead to depression and anxiety. For this long weekend, make time for face-to-face meetings instead of FaceTime.

3. Reorganize Your Home and Routine

Use one or more of the three-day weekends to revisit your daily schedule and try to organize it more efficiently. A couple of hours spent organizing your closet, cleaning the home, catching up on laundry and sorting out the kids’ schedules might save you from rushing out with disheveled hair and messy clothes on Tuesday morning.

4. Put Yourself Back on the Priority List

Parents often forget to prioritize their needs, so take the weekend to get a massage with your spouse, join the girls for a mani-pedi session, hang out with the guys, or simply draw a warm bath and forget all your worries for a while.

5. Invite Friends or Family for a Meal

Plan a potluck with family or friends and enjoy some quality time with the special people in your life. Parties planned around a meal are always fun and now experts say they may even help reduce stress.

6. Have You Been Putting Off a Project?

Many of us take up hobbies or plan projects around the house but tend to neglect them when other high-priority items like school lunches and work meetings take over. Utilize the long weekend to get back into the project and cherish the feeling of having accomplished something.

7. Head Out Into Nature

Being one with nature may help clear the mind and reduce stress. So, if being indoors doing mundane chores gets too much, head out to a park, hike up a mountain or get your feet wet at the beach and spend some time taking in the fresh air and the views.

8. Shop and Dine

If you don’t have big travel plans for the weekend, explore the local shopping scene for awesome deals and end the day with a fun dinner at the new restaurant you’ve been wanting to check out.

9. Relax and Recuperate

If your typical work week is extremely busy and all you want to do is nothing, that’s perfectly acceptable too. Use the three-day weekend to catch up on sleep, binge watch your favorite Netflix shows, spend quality time with your family and wake up relaxed and rejuvenated on Tuesday, ready to tackle the rest of the week.


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