Melissa Oil | Improve Immune Function and Fight Inflammation

Melissa, also commonly referred to as the “bee plant” for its nectar-filled flowers, is native to the Mediterranean region. The plant has a sweet lemon fragrance, hence it is also known as lemon balm.

What Is Melissa Oil?

The essential oil derived from the Melissa plant has therapeutic benefits and soothing properties. The chief constituents of Melissa essential oil include octanol, copaene, linalool, octanone, geranial, neral, delta-cadinene, methylheptenone and alpha-humulene.

Melissa essential oil is extracted from the fresh twigs, leaves and buds of the plant through the process of steam distillation.

Uses of Melissa Oil

Melissa oil blends well with other essential oils like lemon, citronella, lavender, bergamot, clary sage and rosemary. When Melissa oil is used in the right dosages, it will help to support a healthy immune system.

Melissa oil is used in the following ways:

  • In aromatherapy
  • As an antidepressant
  • As a sedative
  • As a pain reliever
  • To treat a cold and cough

Benefits of Melissa Oil

Melissa essential oil is popularly known for its antibacterial, febrifuge, sudorific, antispasmodic, sedative, nervine and antidepressant properties.

It has many medicinal uses and the significant health benefits include:

1. Aids digestion

Melissa oil is a stomachic substance that aids in digestion and allows the stomach to perform its functions properly.

It ensures proper flow of bile and gastric juices into the stomach and protects it from infections. Melissa oil is also useful in healing ulcers or wounds in the stomach.

2. Lowers blood pressure

Melissa oil is an excellent remedy for people suffering from high blood pressure as it is hypotensive in nature and instantly helps lower blood pressure. Using this essential oil helps prevent the risk of brain hemorrhage or heart attacks.

3. Regulates menstrual cycle

Melissa oil contains emmenagogue properties that help treat problems related to the menstrual cycle. It helps clear obstructed menses, regulates menstrual flow and reduces symptoms associated with menses.

Melissa oil also helps treat untimely menopause and depression related to menopause.

4. Relieves spasms

Spasms are abnormal contractions occurring in the body and can be fatal if left untreated. Melissa oil contains antispasmodic properties that soothe and sedate the nerves causing spasms.

It provides quick relief from spasms affecting the digestive, nervous, muscular and respiratory system. Melissa oil also helps treat convulsions, abdominal pain, chronic cough, shortness of breath and muscular cramps.

5. Prevents nervous disorders

Melissa oil is a nervine substance and acts as a tonic for the nervous system. It prevents nervous disorders and keeps the nervous system healthy. Melissa oil is useful in treating nerve-related disorders like convulsions, epilepsy and vertigo.

6. Increases perspiration

Melissa oil contains sudorific and diaphoretic properties, which make the body perspire and sweat more. By doing so, it eliminates harmful toxins from the body and cleans the skin pores. Melissa oil also helps remove harmful gases like nitrogen and helps the skin breathe.

7. Prevents bacterial infections

Melissa oil has antibacterial properties that protect the body from microbes and infections. It also helps treat infections affecting the intestines, colon, kidneys and urinary tract.

8. Reduces inflammation

Melissa oil has a sedative effect, helping to soothe inflammation and calm down the body. Melissa oil also reduces anxiety, depression, trauma and relaxes the body. It is commonly used as a remedy to promote sleep and drive away fatigue.

Side Effects of Melissa Oil

Melissa oil is generally safe when used in small quantities. However, it has a few side effects associated with it.

  1. People suffering from diabetes or hypoglycemia must avoid Melissa oil as it can drastically reduce blood sugar levels.
  2. Melissa oil is known to change thyroid function, interfere with thyroid function and reduce hormonal levels.
  3. Can drastically reduce blood pressure levels. People suffering from hypotension or low blood pressure are advised not to use Melissa oil.
  4. Pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers are advised not to use Melissa oil.
  5. A patch test must be performed for those who have sensitive skin.
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