Mindful Routines For a Good Morning

A productive day relies on how you start your morning — hitting the snooze button five times and rolling out of bed 30 minutes after your actual alarm time is definitely not the best start.

Redesign Your Mornings to Increase Productivity

Everyone wakes up hoping to have a good, productive day, but it tends to get lost when the crazy morning rush hits. Many busy professionals believe that having a mindful morning is the key to a productive day; so how do you redesign your mornings to be more mindful? Here’s how:

  • Keep just one alarm:

Most of us have the tendency to hit the snooze button repeatedly, especially when it is as easy as pressing a button on the phone. To avoid this, experts advise keeping one alarm, at least 30 minutes before your regular wake up time. Also, set soothing music for your alarm instead of a shrill sound so that you wake up less annoyed. The extra 30 minutes will give you more time to ease into the next steps of your routine.

  • Set a simple goal:

As you slowly wake up, set a simple goal for the day. Something as simple as smoking one less cigarette or jogging an extra mile may stimulate dopamine, the neurotransmitter that regulates the brain’s reward system. It helps the brain focus on completing the goal to reach a reward.

  • Don’t touch your gadgets:

Knowing what the world was up to while you were in a deep slumber isn’t as important as having a wonderful day. So, try to give yourself at least a couple of hours before getting engrossed in emails or social media feeds.

  • Give yourself some me time:

If you’ve managed to stay away from the phone, that’s a good example of quality me time. From simple things like sitting alone and sipping on a cup of coffee or meditating and enjoying the silence before the rest of the family wakes up will let your mind and body prepare for the craziness that lies ahead.

  • Exercise:

Exercising in the morning can help you focus better and also provide more energy to sustain you through the day. So fit in your exercise routine before the morning chaos starts to feel its benefits throughout the day.

  • Give yourself a vitamin C boost:

A concoction of warm water, honey and lemon juice can aid digestion, provide vitamin C, hydrate the body after a long night and even control hunger. Make yourself a glass of this tasty drink to sip on as you enjoy your me time.

  • Treat yourself:

It is definitely not selfish to give yourself a little treat every once in a while, so add some extra berries to your morning smoothie, do a quick facial as you sip your coffee or simply give yourself a pat on the back to appreciate all the good things you have been doing.

  • Spend time with a loved one:

Once you are done with your morning rituals, make some time for the family. Spend a few minutes helping your child pack lunch or have a tête-à-tête with your partner. This bonding time will help stimulate oxytocin to boost positivity and joy in the morning.

  • Remember to prep in the night:

Even the most organized people say that prepping in the night works wonders in the morning. So try to have yours and your kids’ clothes and shoes picked out and meals and snacks prepped so that you can grab and go in the morning.

Mindful Routines For a Good Morning

Combine these tips with mindfulness practices like guided meditation to help the mind and body relax and prepare for a hectic day, and you’ll notice that the day might just go by smoother than ever before.


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