Summer baby registry
Hey soon-to-be-moms, if you are due to have your baby this summer, then you need to perk up your registry with baby gear and goods to make sure your little one is protected, safe and pampered in the warmer months. Overheating and sunburn are serious issues of concern for newborns, so make sure you have these must-haves list of summer-ready items crossed out to beat-the-heat and have some summertime fun with ease.

1. Sleeveless Onesies

Sleeveless onsies
Just like how you would want to dress in minimal clothing in summer, avoid frills and complicated layers to dress your baby too. Instead, go for light fabric, breathable and airy sleeveless onesies perfect for summer. You can buy Careter’s Sleeveless Onesies—they are light, durable, unisex, comfy and easy on the wallet.
Price: $15.60 (5-PackSleeveless Bodysuits)

2. Baby Swim Clothes

Baby swim clothes
While your baby might not immediately plunge into the pool with you, chances are that you will bring your little one to the beach or pool this summer. A sun hat accompanied by a rash guard is a must for any baby during summer. A two-piece swimsuit is usually best allowing easy access to diapers. Check out the Swim Trio from Honest Company, which includes a cool sun-protective hat, rash-guard and a swimming diaper.

3. Sunglasses

Keep your baby’s eyes protected and reduce the glare of the sun with the help of UV ray protected sunglasses. We love Babybanz sunglasses, designed by an Australian father inspired by love for his infant son. These sunglasses have 100 percent UV protective lenses with an adjustable neoprene elastic strap and a comfy silicone nose and brow piece. We bet your baby will look super-cool with it!

4. Shoes

Keep your baby’s tiny toes safe with these cute little shoes secured with elastic or straps to keep them from falling out easily. Check out the lovely range of baby shoes at Target to match with your baby’s cool summer apparel.

5. Summer Blankets & Sunscreen

Summer blankets
It is best not to expose babies to sunlight for long durations, but if you have to hit the outdoors in the sun, then make sure to adopt these sun protective methods. While the US Food and Drug Administration and The Skin Cancer Foundation recommend using sunscreen only on children older than six months, the American Academy of Pediatrics on the other hand, suggests applying sunscreen to small areas of exposed skin in infants younger than six months as well, if appropriate clothing and shade are not available. If you are convinced not to use sunscreen then you can wrap your little one in this super-protective blankie—Coolibar UPF 50+Baby Sun Blanket. And if you opt for sunscreen, then go for a formula that’s specifically for children and waterproof. Learn about options available for babies here.

6. Car Seat Cover

Car seat cover
You will most probably find yourself toting your baby around everywhere and anywhere. So, make sure your little one is safely protected from UV rays with a stylish cover like the Carseat canopy covers.
Price: Starting at $49.95

7. Baby Monitor

Baby monitorLast but not the least, a baby monitor is a must, with the help of which you can relax outdoors in summer knowing your baby is snoozing safe and sound in the cool comfort of indoors. The Infant Optics DX-R Video Montior with Interchangeable Optical Lens comes with the latest technology such as customizable viewing angle and zoom that makes for a great and convenient viewing experience.