Mixing it Up With Pilates

Have you been wanting to try out a Pilates class, but the contraptions keep scaring you away? There is no need to fear a reformer machine and the other equipment they use because Pilates is designed for people on both ends of the exercise spectrum: those who barely exercise and those who are fitness fanatics.

What Is Pilates?

Formulated by Joseph Pilates, who was a carpenter and a gymnast, Pilates or Contrology as it was called, was originally designed for dancers and soldiers with injuries. His belief that physical and mental strength are closely linked are enforced in the different exercise routines that need complete coordination between the mind and the body.

Pilates focusses on improving core strength, flexibility and balance and is said to pose a lower risk of injury when compared to other strenuous forms of exercise. And while it may not directly lead to weight loss, Pilates could help you tone the muscles in your abdomen, arms and legs. You could, of course, combine Pilates with other high-intensity workouts for overall benefits.

Pilates With Props

Similar to other exercise programs, Pilates has its variations, from mat Pilates to reformer-based exercises and the use of interesting props. The reformer machine, which you have seen in many studios, is a raised, cushioned bed with a headrest, shoulder rests, straps and springs to adjust tension and is used for exercises like leg and arm circles, rowing, planking, bridging and more.

While the reformer may be most commonly seen in most Pilates studios, some might offer the Cadillac, “a raised mat table” that comes with straps, springs and poles for stretching the legs, spine and shoulders. Some studios may only offer mat Pilates, which may involve a lot of stretching exercises.

Regardless of the type of Pilates you choose, your instructor may incorporate interesting props like the foam roller, the magic circle, gliders, the Pilates chair, Bosu® Balance Trainer and the TRX® for suspension training.

A lot of innovation goes into creating exercise routines that are interesting and effective. For instance, the combination of cardio workouts with the otherwise gentle Pilates is quite a rage among many Pilates fans. These exercises may be done on the reformer attached with a jump board. While it may help burn more calories than regular Pilates, it is much easier on the knees than actual jumping and may be doable for individuals with joint and knee issues too.

Joseph Pilates believed that “Pilates is the complete coordination of body, mind and spirit,” and if you wish to try out this unique and interesting workout, head to a Pilates studio near you and sign up for a session.

Mixing it Up With Pilates


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