A shout out to all who want to be more spiritually in tune with your body and de-stress! Here’s a yoga form that’s perfect for you. Kundalini yoga is a meditation designed to open your chakras and evoke relaxation for the mind while energizing the body. Sounds perfect, doesn’t it?

In today’s fast-paced world, people are losing sleep, health, nutrition, and sense of self. It’s very important to take a minute to find your zen and calm your mind. That’s exactly why Health Soup host Elana Slott signed up for a class with Kundalini Yoga expert Karena Virginia of the Monmouth Beach Yoga & Wellness center in New Jersey. If you’re still unsure about what a session can do for you, check out the facts from the expert herself?

How It Works

This yoga form is suitable for all levels, genders, and ages, and primarily focuses on breathing techniques that enhance and strengthen the results of specific yoga postures. The goal? To propel the body’s energy upward and channel it from passive to active, invariably igniting all systems to keep you feeling good.

However, the more powerful intention is to chant specific mantras as you strike your poses. A different mantra for each purpose stimulates the meridian points (collection of acupuncture points), thus signaling the brain to release specific hormones — specifically hormones that control happiness, stress, anxiety, and hunger.

What To Expect

You will never realize how deeply Kundalini Yoga can change your life and impact you on a deeper level until you’ve taken a few sessions. The union of breathing and exercising connects your mind, body, and spiritual conscience to maintain grace. It gives you clarity of thought, increases your energy levels, and heightens your spiritual aura.

On a physical level, Kundalini Yoga improves your digestive system and increases your lung capacity. It also regulates  blood circulation, and keeps your nervous system in check.

Intrigued? Watch the whole episode here. With bonus recipes for kids with food allergies and a short segment about Acro Yoga, Health Soup is fun and informative viewing and should not be missed!