30-Minute Pool Workout to Burn Calories Fast

If you’re trying to work out your entire body and burn a ton of calories, jump into the pool and swim your way to a healthier and fitter physique. Swimming is an excellent workout that will not only keep all your muscles engaged, but is also gentle on the joints and great for your mental well-being.

Don’t worry about being a pro or an expert, even if you are a beginner, a good workout in the pool will go a long way in building strength, enhancing endurance and keeping your heart happy.

Put on your favorite athletic swimsuit and get ready to challenge yourself off the land and in the water. Your ultimate pool workout in just 30 minutes is here to keep you in shape.

30-Minute Pool Workout

This workout includes warm-up and cool-down exercises with some vigorous exercises in the middle for a complete full body routine.

Warm-Up Set

(5-10 minutes)

A good warm-up session helps to prepare your muscles for the upcoming exercises they have to engage in. Warm-up exercises are a way to start your workout slowly to gradually build up to the main event.


  • Practice relaxed laps back and forth, focusing on your strokes and breathing instead of speed.
  • Make sure to rest in between laps, but continue the relaxed swimming throughout this session.
  • Slowly start to build speed at the end of your warm-up set.

Kicking Set

(5-10 minutes)

The kicking set is designed to increase your heart rate and progress your warm-up toward the faster swim workout. You can either use a swim board, hold onto the deck or extend your arms in a streamlined position to kick at the back.


  • Start at your hips to use your entire leg for this exercise. Your kick should be controlled and in narrow motions.
  • Move your legs up and down to start kicking.

Main Set

(10-15 minutes)

This is where your commitment comes in. The main set is where you will burn your calories and get your workout in for the day.


  • Swim two laps at your fastest pace with 100 percent determination.
  • Rest for about 5-10 seconds.
  • Repeat the two laps at your quickest speed.

Tip: If you can do two lengths of a 25-yard pool in 45 seconds, your interval would be around 50-55 seconds, allowing you to get about  10-15 laps in. As your endurance improves, you should be able to increase your distance or decrease your interval time.

Cool Down Set

(5 minutes)

An important step not to skip out on, the cool-down set helps to give your body the rest it needs to recover and relax after the strenuous workout.


  • Swim a couple of lengths in a relaxed way, with the speed that you did for your warm-up.
  • Again, your focus should be on the technique of your strokes and your breathing.

Put In the Work, But Practice Safety

While we know that in order to get the results we want, we need to challenge ourselves during our exercises. However, it is important to always listen to our body to make sure that we don’t severely injure or harm ourselves in the process.

Beginners should always have an instructor guide them through their workout to make sure that they are practicing the strokes with the right technique. Always slap on some natural sunscreen to protect your skin from the sun.

Workout adapted from blog.myfitnesspal.com.

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