5 Benefits of Exercising Outdoors

Since you’re stuck in the office all day, wouldn’t you rather skip the gym and exercise outdoors instead? You might not believe us, but a little fresh air and some much-needed sunlight can go a long way in improving your physical and mental well-being.

Bring out your adventurous side and try out all the different activities that you can’t participate in at the gym. Not only will you benefit from a change in your environment, but you might even benefit from an extra boost of energy that comes with the excitement of exercising outdoors.

Exercise not only brings the body a vast amount of health benefits but it also plays a role in reducing stress and improving one’s mood. What you might not know is that you can actually increase these benefits by stepping outdoors.

Besides, exercising outside is free and summer’s here to give you no more excuses when it comes to sticking to a regular workout routine.

5 Health Benefits of Exercising Outdoors

Head outside and take advantage of what nature has to offer you when it comes to health and exercise. Here are 5 ways your mind and body benefit from an outdoor workout:

1. Reduces Depression

Mother Nature can give you a bigger mental health boost compared to the gym. Exercise is already known to release endorphins and improve your mood. An outdoor workout can help to reduce anger and keep your spirits lifted due to exposure to sunlight and vitamin D production.

Spending even half an hour exercising outdoors is known to give you this positive effect and even keep you feeling energized throughout the day.

2. Boosts Self-Esteem

Studies show that working out outside can boost self-confidence and increase self-esteem, especially when you are surrounded by water or lush greenery. Your exercise doesn’t have to be advanced but, in fact, the low to moderate intensity workouts are shown to have much more of an effect.

Take advantage of the lake or park next to you and engage in walking, horseback riding, fishing, or even gardening to give your self-esteem a little boost.

3. You Soak Up Some Vitamin D

Your office might not be the best source of vitamin D and spending all your time indoors can leave you with a deficiency.

Vitamin D is an essential nutrient that promotes metabolism and bone health. Along with these benefits, improved sleep, immunity and happier moods are all linked with exposure to vitamin D and sunlight.

Make sure to slap on some natural sunscreen in order to protect your skin from harmful UV rays that cause cancer and other diseases.

4. You Save Money

You don’t have to spend an arm and a leg for a membership to workout outside. Jogging at the nearest track, or taking your bike down to the beach can be done for free and will still get your heart rate up and keep your health in check.

Your only investment will be in sunscreen, work-out clothes that make you look good, and some fun shoes that are appropriate to your particular outdoor workouts.

5. Burns More Calories

Use the wind to burn more calories on your run or hike. Wind resistance will make you work harder as you fight against the wind, helping you burn more calories in the process.

If you decide to work out against the wind, get ready to run a little faster and work towards building strength and definition.

6. Your Workouts Are More Fun

Bring a group of friends together, or get to know your neighbors as you exercise around your community. Your workouts should be filled with fun, and social interaction will only enhance your mood.

Remember to drink lots of water to stay hydrated, especially after you exercise. Get started on spending more time outdoors and switch up your regular routine with some fun new activities.

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