A Look Into Bella Hadid's Diet and Exercise Routine
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Bella Hadid’s on top of her fashion game lately and we can’t get over how good she looks strutting down the runways in gorgeous designer outfits we can only dream to own. If you’re questioning how to get Hadid’s toned and sculpted figure, you better be ready to put in a lot of hard work.

While Hadid’s workout routine includes boxing with cardio, intense ab workouts and toning exercises that can last for hours during the day, the model does love her carbs in her diet, which is something we can definitely work with.

How to Eat and Workout Like Bella Hadid

If you’re ready to diet and exercise like Bella Hadid, Harper’s Bazaar has the scoop and here’s what you need to know.

1. Carbs are totally OK

Here’s some exciting news, Bella Hadid loves her carbs. The model’s favorite junk foods include pizza, burgers, french fries and grilled cheese and she is all about those cheat days when she’s not on duty.

Looks like we shouldn’t be afraid to indulge in our cravings once in a while. As she shared with People, “If you want a piece of bread, you should have that piece of bread.”

2. Maintain a balanced diet

When Hadid’s on the runways, she follows a clean healthy diet that is rich in protein and as healthy as possible. Her breakfasts include eggs and sausages while lunches usually include salmon or chicken and veggies.

Hadid avoids airplane food and makes sure to keep hydrated with water and follow a good diet. She is also a big coffee drinker and can have about three espressos before 12 p.m.

3. Pre- and post-workout snacks are important

Hadid always makes sure she’s regular with her meals, especially when she’s working out. For a pre-workout snack, the model enjoys a smoothie, juice or protein shake 30 minutes before she exercises.

To strengthen muscle mass and get the most out of her workouts, Hadid’s post-workout meals include protein-rich foods like chicken and wholegrain rice.

4. Boxing is key

The secret to Hadid’s amazing abs? Boxing. It’s no surprise that boxing has become a favorite with so many celebs. Boxing is an excellent workout to tone the whole body and Hadid always makes it a point to include boxing elements into all her workouts.

Hadid’s training usually includes a 20-minute run, followed by a boxing workout and a strength training session using weights to target the glutes and abs.

5. You need to give it your 100 percent

If you’re looking to get results, you need to give it your all during your workouts. Without motivation, you’re not going to get the job done right and being determined is key to help you feeling accomplished and making the most out of your sessions.

When it comes to Hadid’s preference of workouts, she is more for the high-intensity exercises over low-intensity workouts. If Hadid’s working out, you best believe she’s going to push herself to the limit.

6. Post-workout habits

As important as intense workout sessions are, a good warm-up session is also key to keeping your muscles strong and helping them relax. Hadid stretches for 7 to 10 minutes before and after her workout session to lengthen the muscles and maximize overall performance

Another go-to warm-up activity is to take a little stroll to boost blood circulation and help with muscle recovery.

7. Leg and cardio workout

Hadid’s go-to trainer, Rob Piela, has an express workout involving three minutes of boxing and one minute of leg-focused strength training exercises that include:

  • Squats for 20 reps
  • Donkey kicks for 12 reps on each side
  • Plié squats for 12 reps on each side
  • Banded squat walks for 12 reps on each side

After you finish the first set, you need to alternate between three minutes of boxing and one minute of strength training until you have completed six rounds of exercise.

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