It’s so easy to write her off as someone who’s just naturally skinny, but then, you would be all wrong about Anna Victoria. Having posted about her own struggle to lose weight since 2012, this Instagram star took her time (4 long years) to embrace fitness as a lifestyle, not a quick-fix.

I know that seems like a long time but I was never focused on the time, and I think this is one reason why I’m still here today. I took each day as it came and just tried to do my best, and the next day I tried to do better.

Today, she has washboard abs, her own 12-week weight loss program complete with diet and bodyweight training, and a body that can inspire you to do better once you’ve signed up to take that journey with her.

We ❤: The creator of The Fit Body Guides, Anna Victoria now has 895k followers (and counting) on Instagram. Once a junk food lover, Anna had developed health problems over time and was even taken to the emergency room—her body simply shut down. She had become a “skinny-fat person”: high percentage of body fat and low muscle mass. Abdominal fat and loose skin are some tell-tale signs you’re heading down this slippery road, which catches most people off-guard, particularly if they indulge in calorie restriction and don’t train to support it.

Well, Anna turned all that around and is an inspiration for many real women who she encourages with her stories, quotes and body acceptance on the regular.

What You Can Expect
Her Insta feed is pretty much a Pin Board of motivation with inspiring quotes, workout clips, meal plan ideas, workout apparel recommendations, and most importantly, before and after pictures of her followers because she loves to celebrate their progress.

If you move on from her account to The Fit Body Guide site, you can gain access to her 12-week clean eating plan supplemented by a 12-week workout program. She also does a version for vegans and those on a plant-based diet. You can pay for your free trial session with a simple tweet (clever marketing, this girl), and if you like what you see, front the $79.95 for the guide.

What Everyone Will Love 
She’s going to help you set realistic expectations. No timelines, no ridiculous dietary restrictions, no back-breaking workouts—Anna endorses the 80:20 plan which means that so long as you’re good 80 percent of the way, 20 percent of your habits can be discounted.

Also, her feed is all about women empowerment and she believes they should encourage each other to do better and feel better about themselves. It’s amazing how she continously gives a shout out to her FBG gals and their progress updates and nudges everyone to chime in to applaud their success.

The real girl with a real story is making changes in her life for reasons we can all relate to. If you jump on the FBG wagon, you won’t be trying to lose weight for an event, you’ll be trying to get healthy and fit for a better quality of life.

The Fit Body Guide Meal Plan
It’s based on consuming a balanced diet that’s divided to cover macronutrients—carbohydrates, protein, and fats—intelligently. You can expect to feel more energized, light and active within 12 weeks.

The Fit Body Guide Workout Program 
It is designed for busy individuals. You just have to give 30 minutes of your day to high-intensity strength circuit training. It will build your muscle mass and simultaneously burn fat without the use of fancy equipment. The body-weight exercises give you the freedom of working out any time, anywhere!