Are You Using The Pose Method To Improve Your Runs?

Running is a natural skill that we’re all born with, right? While you don’t need to take a class to learn how to run, there is an art to it and a proper form that can help you improve if you’re an avid runner. This is when the Pose Method steps in.

The Pose Method is the technique of improving your running skills to boost endurance as it uses gravity to help you move efficiently through a series of poses.

As you run to keep up with your cardio routine, you get your heart rate up, burn calories and promote an active lifestyle. However, many of us don’t realize the drawbacks of running, which include the pressure on the knees and exposure to serious injury.

If giving up running to protect you from injury is not an option, the Pose Method will help you learn the art of running to prevent injury.

The Pose Method

Five general principles govern the art of the Pose Method:

  • Using gravity
  • Key pose
  • Body weight
  • Falling
  • Change of support

Falling is a very interesting principle here because this concept is based on the fact that we’re all affected by gravity and when we learn how to fall, we’ll know how to make better use of gravity.

Learning the Pose Method

Valerie Hunt, master-level Pose Running instructor, shares her tips to help you learn the technique of Pose Running.

1. Learn the Pose position

To get into the Pose position you need to shift your weight to the ball of one foot and lift your opposite foot. Bend the knee of the standing leg, keeping the lifted foot relaxed and the ankle stacked under the hip. Your upper body should be aligned.

Try to hold this position for about 60 seconds per leg in order to improve your technique.

2. Practice your falls

Falling is a big part of the Pose Method and you need to practice your falls if you want to use the Pose Method. To start, whenever you see a wall, simply fall into it. Your falls can be practiced as you are standing from the Pose.

The key here is to keep your midline stable.

3. Learn how to pull your foot

Running barefoot? Yes, when learning the Pose Method, you might want to give your running shoes a little break and go natural instead. Start this method barefoot and slide your ankle up against your leg.

This will help you learn how to properly use your hamstrings.

4. Changing support between Pose positions

As you stand in the Pose position, pull your foot from the ground before the lifted foot lands back to the floor. You will follow this move with a fall and change supports. Double check to make sure you land in the right Pose position.

Practice this until you can work up to three in a row.

5. You need to develop a rapid cadence

When incorporating Pose running, the required cadence is much faster than what you might be used to. Therefore, shoot for 180 footfalls per minute of 90 running strides.

Improving your cadence will help you improve your speed and boost elasticity.

Benefits of the Pose Method

Mastering the art of the Pose Method will give you the following benefits:

  • Enhances endurance
  • Helps protect you from injury
  • Improves running technique
  • Boosts speed
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