At Home Series: Household Items You Can Use As Weights

If at-home workouts are starting to become your new norm, you need to make sure you’re taking advantage of everything that your home has to offer when it comes to maintaining your fitness. It’s always recommended to spruce up your workouts from cardio to strength training and engage in exercises that eventually target all the muscles and joints in your body.

Strength training and using equipment such as dumbbells are an important addition to your fitness routine. Strength training not only promotes strength but also boosts metabolism, sheds fat, and protects the bones.

Regular exercise that keeps all your muscles engaged and strong will promote flexibility, boost energy levels, and keep you staying fit and active for a long time.

Objects Around the House to Use as Weights

If you’re not trying to invest in a ton of equipment, your house is a valuable place stocked with plenty of objects you can use as weights.

1. Water Bottles

Plastic water bottles filled with sand or water is a good substitute for dumbbells when looking to strengthen your upper body. Whether they are old or new doesn’t matter, as long as you have them filled up and tightly closed, you’re ready to go.

2. Books

We all have a ton of books lying around the house that are itching to be used. Dust off some old books and use them with your arm workouts or while squatting to keep up your fitness game strong.

You have the option to use books of the same size and weight to work out both arms or use one book at a time to work on one arm at a time.

3. Canned Food

Canned food comes with a good amount of weight and can be used to strengthen your triceps and biceps. Just make sure you are able to hold them securely as the last thing you want it to do is drop them on your feet and injure yourself.

4. Bags of Apples

After making sure your bag of apples is secure, use the bag as a great way to add resistance to your training and engage in exercises involving weights.

5. Laundry Detergent

Looking to up your weights? Laundry detergent can fall into the heavier weights section and can be a good way to push you past your regular weight limit. Make sure to be careful; if you’re really unsure about this one, opt for a lighter object.

Safety First

While household items are convenient and inexpensive substitutes for weights, it is important to ensure that you have the right grip on these objects and that these items are secure to the point that they won’t injure you.

If you are unable to lift or hold onto certain items, don’t force yourself and instead opt for lighter objects or objects you can hold a better grip on.

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