These Fitness Apps Will Help You Stay On Top Of Your Game

There are now fitness apps to help you stay on track to lead a healthy lifestyle. Fitness apps — the virtual personal trainers or cyber coaches, if you will, can monitor your progress, track your activities and keep you motivated.

Unarguably, even the most basic fitness apps work as pedometers and can keep tabs on your exercise, but then, there are the more innovative ones.

They will alert you if you haven’t met your goals, can work as navigation devices and will even challenge you to keep moving and stay fit by offering up incentives.

Here’s looking at the fitness apps that kick it up a notch.


This incentive-based app grants you points for staying active and exercising. These points can be redeemed against purchases at health stores that are registered with EveryMove. You can also connect to different apps to increase your virtual points. You can be rewarded for your healthier choices and active lifestyle, here.


The proof is in the science, which suggests that working out for 30 minutes a day is better for weight loss than long-drawn fitness routines. Human works on the same premise, pushing you to get in that half hour of exercise on a daily basis and counting your calories too. Get on the program here.


This app is great for tracking runs, walks and cycling and spinning sessions too. It tracks your calorie burn, your pace of exercise and elevation profile. What’s more, the inbuilt GPS helps you track your running or biking route.

MapMyFitness can sync to multiple fitness trackers and gadgets to give you a 360-degree experience. Here’s how you can get on the road to success.


If someone paid you to stay fit, you definitely would! That’s what pact does, except you earn money from those who haven’t been able to meet their weight loss goals. Achieve your targets and make the most of this money-maker here.

5Runtastic Six Pack

This app can actually give you a play-by-play on the muscles you are engaging while you workout. You can choose from a list of exercises and workout plans that range from seven minutes to 10 weeks to keep tabs on your progress. Not just body sculpting, this app is a great way to amp up your fitness levels overall.

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Updated July 23, 2018