The At-Home Workout Session That Beats Going To The Gym

Come rain, hail or shine, don’t let the unpredictable weather play spoilsport with your daily fitness routine. A sudden break can slow down your metabolism leaving you with excess weight and also cramp your style in the process.

Now there are some indoor exercises that mean business and go beyond just stretching and lunging in front of your TV. For an at-home workout that is almost as intense as a professional training session, here’s what you need to do.

5 At-home Activities to Enhance Your Workout

1Active Dance

Don’t be skeptical. Certain dance forms are quite the workout and can lead to calorie loss that even some cardio exercises fail to achieve. From Jennifer Lopez to Channing Tatum, celebrities world-over shake a leg to drop 300-500 calories in an hour.


Just 10 minutes of burpees translates to 94 calories if you weigh 155lbs. It is a combination of strength training and cardio that works the chest, arms, thigh muscles and hamstrings. Build endurance with burpees by following the right steps, here.

3Circuit Training

This workout gives a good boost to your metabolism, exercises different muscle groups, and you can expect to lose between 170 and 360 calories in 30 minutes.

While the original Circuit Training Plan requires the use of machines, most of the exercises can be done using free-weights and props as well; improvise.

4Jumping Jacks

This simple, full-body exercise will give you a loss of 134 calories in 30 minutes. Jumping jacks are a great way to keep your energy levels up, spike your metabolism, and tone your leg and arm muscles. Try these three variations to bump up your results.


For a fun workout that basically involves a lot of jumping around, Plyometrics is the way to go. From squats and box jumps, to tuck jumps and power skipping, this cardio session will melt that fat and keep your metabolism up in the process. Here are five plyometrics exercises you should try.

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