Candace Cameron Bure Shares Her Fitness Tips for Busy Moms

Fuller House’s Candace Cameron Bure wants to let you in on her secret to keeping fit and staying in shape. The busy mom of three is in the best shape of her life, even with all the hard work of balancing her career, family and living a healthy lifestyle.

It’s no easy job being a parent. From sleepless nights to shifting priorities, a serious effort must be made when it comes to looking after yourself, especially when it comes to maintaining an exercise routine.

However, a little shuffling of time, effort and priorities can go a long way in your overall fitness.

Candace Cameron Bure’s Fitness Tips

Calling all busy moms out there, Candace shares her top three tips to help you keep fit and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Fit Mom Tip No. 1: Prioritize your workout time

Candace wants you to make it a point to prioritize your workout time and make it an important part of your routine. Her go-to workout known as the Stoked Method designed by Kira Stokes, incorporates Pilates, yoga, strength training and barre techniques.

Whether you squeeze in a 12-minute workout session or participate in a workout class, if you make the time to add exercises to your daily routine, that’s the first step in living a healthier lifestyle.

Fit Mom Tip No. 2: Practice health from the inside out

You are what you eat. Don’t let the time you spend working out go to waste and practice healthy eating. Candace shares that she is more aware of what she puts into her body instead of following any type of diet.

Some of her meal hacks include cooking a bag of cauliflower rice and adding different toppings to the rice. Salads filled with veggies and proteins are another favorite of the actress.

Fit Mom Tip No. 3: Keep an eye on your portion sizes

Besides maintaining a clean diet, it is important to keep your portions small. Candace shares she likes to fuel up on vegetables and lean proteins but keeps in mind her portion size.

The next time you’re at a restaurant, try to eat until you are full instead of overeating to finish what’s on your plate. While we don’t recommend wasting food, taking some home in a box is always a wise choice.

Let the Fitness Begin

It’s OK to put yourself first every now and then, especially when it has to do with your health. We’re all juggling a thousand things at once, and sometimes we all need to take a few steps back to move forward!

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