Role Play: When Celebs Got Candid About Their Fitness Struggles

The pressure to look perfect elevates to new heights in showbiz, but underneath it all, celebrities are just as mortal as the rest of us, with shortcomings of their own.

Behind the red carpet glamour, picture perfect editorials, and million-dollar smiles for the paparazzi are honest and humbling struggles of the A-listers who have all eyes on them most of the time.

They’re required to drop or pack on the pounds to get in the skin of certain real-life characters; and sometimes, they do it in a bid to get healthier for their real-life roles.

We decided to pull together some of their most candid moments, to help inspire you to get fit and fabulous, much like your favorite movie stars.

1Benedict Cumberbatch On Beefing Up For His Role In Star Trek—Into The Darkness

“I turned into a creature from hell! No junk food, just all kinds of chicken, weeks of chicken with potatoes and broccoli, as well as salmon and protein shakes. Later came the hardest part—losing the weight.”- June 3, 2013,

2Bradley Cooper On Gaining Muscle Tone For His Role In American Sniper

“It was pretty brutal. I gained about 40lb. I’m about 20 down from that now. I ate 5,000 calories a day, and did whatever I could to pay homage to [Kyle].” – Oct 06, 2014

3Jennifer Aniston On Putting On Weight For Her Role In Cake

“I basically just didn’t work out for two-and-a-half months. I stopped working out and I stopped being as careful about my diet as I normally am. I was still healthy, but I’d allow more. There’s a level of fearlessness. I think that you have to be able to sort of go, ‘F–k it, I’m ready to just disappear.'” – Nov 21, 2014, Shape

4Jennifer Lopez On Being A Fit New Mommy

The star’s 60-minute workout includes a low-carb diet coupled with protein shakes through the day. “Growing up in the Bronx, I grew up on a diet of delicious, but not so healthy food. I began to learn more about nutrition, exercise, and the benefits of a tailored program for women specifically—things that are made for women by women.” – January 25, 2015,

5Shakira On Shedding The Baby Weight

“I recently decided to just do sports, because they’re so much fun and they accomplish the same purpose, which is ultimately to keep you fit. So I planned a whole daily routine of roller skating, playing basketball, and playing tennis and swimming. So every day I would do something different and that seemed to put me back in shape.”- March 7, 2014,