Diet & Fitness Experts Lay Down The Law For A Successful Weight-Loss Plan

A simple Google search for “need to lose weight” can leave you overwhelmed, and quite often, lost. There are endless claims, solutions and programs that are currently available for people who are looking to shed some pounds.

Because of the abundance of information out there regarding weight loss, it makes it difficult to understand what is the right and healthy way — as opposed to a quick fix that could leave you gaining the weight right back in a couple of days.

Each person is unique, so there is no magic recipe for the best pound-shedding diet, but experts say there are some basic guidelines that form a successful weight-loss plan, no matter what your choice of diet or workout program.

Read on to know all about it.

1Eat Right

Start off by eating right. Jenny Schatzle, a fitness expert and creator of the Jenny Schatzle 6-Week Program, believes that no matter how much you weigh, whether you’re a male or a female, or how old you are — no one should be consuming chemicals and processed foods.

“Removing these from our diets will illicit huge positive changes, both physically and mentally. Our bodies were not meant to break down foods made in a processing plant; our bodies need foods from real plants,” she says.

2Fall in Love

Self-care expert Lisa Nordquist of, says that fitness is like a long-term relationship: It’s voluntary, daily, sometimes unpleasant and occasionally joyful.

This is exactly why she believes it is imperative for you to fall in love with your workout plan. “It has to be something you can wake up to and enjoy. You have to be able to keep it in your life with family, work, holidays and travel,” she says.

3Go the Longest Yard

When you’re in a committed relationship, you give it your 100 percent. There are no excuses but sheer love for the person you love.

Self-care expert Lisa Nordquist says, “Most people sabotage themselves with unsustainable, and unappealing exercise and eating plans that are unrelated to their values. If you can go to great lengths to maintain your relationships with people, then why not for the sake of fitness?”

4Involve Your Doctor

Have a chat with your doctor before starting a weight-loss program. He or she can review any medical problems that you have and any medications that you take that may affect your weight, and provide guidance on a program that may be best for you.

Make sure to come clean about any weight-loss plans you may have tried before, and even the fad diets you may be interested in trying now.

5Read the Label

It is extremely important to read the list of ingredients on the back of the package. If it reads like a NASA project summary, put it back on the shelf. On the other hand, if you’re able to recognize all of the ingredients in your food, so will your digestive system.

What this boils down to is picking a program that is easy to adopt and doesn’t require you to make a complete 100 percent change. After all, it’s the small lifestyle changes that will ultimately lead to reaching your big goal in the end.

6Work That Diet

In his book The Freedom Diet, author Chris Weiler (who is also a speaker, trainer and performance expert to athletes and Fortune 500s) explains that no diet has the power to do anything until acted upon by its user.

He says, “Once you wipe the slick layers of marketing off any diet, you’ll see that they’re all powered by the same engine — calories in, calories out.”

7Lose the Calories

No matter the diet, you have to burn calories. Performance expert to athletes, Chris Weiler explains, “As a matter of fact, there has not been one diet that has ever existed that does not work by this exact same principle (calories in, calories out).”

Additionally, he states, “From Weight Watchers and South Beach to juicing, fasting and blood type, you lose weight because you have altered your eating habits and the lifestyle that supports those habits in such a way to expend more calories than stored.”

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