Dr. Oz Shares His 7-Minute Morning Workout Routine
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What if you could boost your metabolism, burn a ton of calories, engage your muscles and get your heart rate up to keep you energized and refreshed all day long? Well, the answer to that is yes you can with early morning workouts, and Dr. Oz is here to back up that claim with his 7-minute morning routine.

Celebrity trainer Joel Harper has been training the Oz family for over a decade and his early morning workout plan is the solution to get you up and going throughout the day.

Say goodbye to the snooze button and get ready for some early morning action that doesn’t require any equipment or even shoes for that matter.

Dr. Oz’s 7-Minute Morning Workout

It is important to focus on your breath and really feel your body stretch to open up.

Warm-Up Stretches

  • Start by stretching and bending your left and right knees to open up your hips. Stretch your arms overhead and bend your back.
  • Bend down to touch your toes, or reach as close to your toes as you can. You should feel the stretch in your hamstrings and lower back.

Plank Pose With Push-Ups

  • Next, perform a plank pose with your shoulders stacked above your wrists and your hips in line with your shoulders.
  • Lift your left leg up to hover above your mat and bend your elbows to perform a push-up. Continue to engage in push-ups in this position.

Up Dog and Down Dog

  • After performing 10 push-ups, extend your arms and push firmly down on the mat to perform a backbend.
  • Lift your thighs slightly above the mat and gently tilt your head back.
  • Next, tuck your feet and lift your hips to arch your back. You should perform an inverted “V” with your body and your gaze should be shifted on your mat. Push back into your heels and keep your shoulders relaxed.

Warrior Pose

  • After down dog, lift your left leg up and flex your toes. Bring your leg forward, close to your wrists, and bend your knee to perform a lunge.
  • Bring your body up and turn to the right to get into warrior II pose. Your gaze should be on your left hand and your knee should be stacked over your ankle.
  • Bend forward and bring both your hands toward your left foot.

Triangle Pose

  • Keep your left leg straight and strong and grab your left ankle with your left hand and extend your right arm to the top to get into triangle pose.
  • You should feel a good stretch in your lower back.

Repeat these poses on the opposite side.

Balance Exercise

  • Move back into down dog and lift your left foot up and bring it through to lunge. Stay in this pose and stretch your arms overhead.
  • With your left foot planted firmly on the mat, shift your weight onto your left foot and lift your right leg up to balance.
  • Bring your arms to the mat and lift your right leg as high as you can.
  • Once you are steady, extend your right arm up and shift your gaze wherever you are comfortable and hold this position. Keep your chest lifted.
  • Come back down to release and back to plank pose.
  • Perform one-legged push-ups for 10 reps and perform the exercise using the right leg.
  • Repeat the one-legged push-ups for 10 reps. Opt to bring your elbows closer to work your triceps.

Boat Pose With Jack Knives

  • Jump between your legs and sit on your buttocks with your knees bent and your arms in front of you to get into boat pose.
  • Bring your hands and toes in to perform jack-knives for 20 reps. This exercise will work your abs.
  • Keep your core engaged and lean back to hover your upper back and your legs about 2 inches above the ground. Your upper body should be completely relaxed, therefore, place your hands behind your head for support.
  • Focus on taking deep breaths for 10 rounds.

There you have it! Now you know Dr. Oz’s secret to staying so refreshed all day long.

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