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While fitting in a full workout during your busy day is already stressful enough, the last thing on your mind is to start with a warm-up session before your routine. You might want to change that because warming up before your workout can prove to improve your efficiency and protect you from getting injured.

When you warm up your muscles, you are increasing your body’s core temperature and activating your muscles for the upcoming workout. This helps to boost flexibility and loosen the tissues around your joints to increase the range of motion that is necessary to keep you agile and prevent injuries.

Different types of workouts will require you to warm up differently, depending on the muscles you use.

While we know how much of a time crunch you are in, getting a good warm-up in will do wonders for your body and will prepare you for the workout ahead — in this case, the strength training routine you’re about to do.

5 Minute Warm-Up to Fuel Your Strength Training

The following warm-up routine by Aubrey Watts, C.S.C.S., performance center coordinator and assistant strength coach at the National Strength and Conditioning Association, will help prepare the muscles you need to use during your strength training workout.

Watts suggests using a foam roller on your muscles before this warm-up to release any tension and relieve soreness in the muscles.

Hip rotations


  • Stand with your feet together and lift one knee to a 90-degree angle.
  • Rotate your knee as wide as you can, making sure only the knee and the hip moves while the rest of your body is stable.
  • Circle your knee slowly and in control for eight reps and switch the direction for eight reps. Switch sides to repeat using the other leg.

Perform 8 inward hip rotations followed by 8 outward hip rotations on each side.

Arm Circles


  • Stand with your feet hip-width distance apart and extend your arms out horizontally.
  • Start to rotate your arms clockwise for eight reps. Your shoulders should start to loosen up.
  • Switch to rotate your arms anti-clockwise for eight reps.

Perform 8 forward arm circles and 8 backward arm circles.

Jump Rope


  • Pick up your jump rope and start jumping! Pick your pace and go at a steady and controlled speed.

Perform jump ropes for 2 minutes.



  • Stand with your feet hip-width distance apart and bend with your hips to place your hands on the floor.
  • Slowly crawl out to a high plank position with your shoulders stacked above your wrists and pause for two seconds. Make sure to keep your core tight and engaged.
  • Crawl your hands back to your feet and stand up to complete the rep.

Perform 8 walk-outs.

Deep Reverse Lunges to Knee Raise


  • Taking a big step back with your right foot, bend both knees and stack your front knee over your ankle. Lower your knee until your right knee is hovering about 6 inches from your mat.
  • Push your right heel to stand and bring your knee in front of you at a 90-degree angle.
  • Explosively step your right foot back again to perform another reverse lunge.

Perform 12 deep reverse lunges to knee raise on each side.

Squats with Pulses


  • Stand with your feet about hip-width apart with your toes pointed out and your hands across your chest.
  • Push your hips back and lower down to squat, making sure your knees are behind your toes. Keep your chest lifted.
  • Push back up to stand.
  • As you complete 15 reps, pulse in the squat position for 10 seconds.

Perform 15 squats and finish off by pulsing for 10 reps.

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