Running and jogging are the most recommended forms of exercise when it comes to cardiovascular and respiratory fitness. Track and field professional or not, we all love to run. Essentially, the feeling of moving forward is a definite happiness booster.

Talk as much as you want, but sitting in one place and watching a film about running is certainly not we are talking about. It would help a lot more to get out there for a real jog.

Check out some of the fabulous films that inspire you to step and run like the wind.

Chariots of fire (1981)
The triumph of the human spirit could not be more gloriously portrayed on the big screen. This Oscar winning film about two runners training for the 1924 Olympics is one of the most inspiring films ever made. For a film about running, it doesn’t exactly move at lightning speed but is a richly rewarding experience nonetheless.

Tip: Just put on the iconic Vangelis theme on your iPod and start running!

Forrest gump (1994)
“Run, Forrest, Run!” Forrest Gump runs a lot. As a kid, he was required to wear leg braces, for which he was often ridiculed. Now, when he starts running, he runs like the wind, and doesn’t stop till he must.

There is a scene in the film where Forrest starts running, and he doesn’t just run a mile or two, he runs across the country! A bunch of people start running after him and he gets a lot of media coverage. Everybody wonders why he is running, if there is some epiphany waiting at the end of this odyssey. It’s one of the funniest and most remarkable scenes in the film.

Tip: Let go of your inhibitions and run for yourself.

Run lola run
Run Lola Run is the story of a woman who is running to save her boyfriend’s life. There are three scenarios each played out differently. This film bursts with a pulsating energy and moves forward with a blistering pace. The editing, the music and the cinematography come together to create an experience that keeps you on your toes.

Tip: Put some pulsating music on loop mode and head out.

Children of heaven
There is no doubt a certain child-like freedom in the act of running. The movie Children of Heaven is an enchanting Iranian film about a boy who loses his sister’s shoes, and as a result, the children decide to share a pair between them. What plays out after this incident is so innocent, simple and moving, that it is guaranteed to touch your heart (and legs).

Tip: Go on a run with your sibling!

The loneliness of the long distance runner
A young rebellious delinquent is sent to a reformatory after a robbery. He finds solace in his flair for long distance running. This is one of the best “angry young man” films that came out of the stable of British cinema. Tom Courtney is electric in the lead role. He runs, and never runs out of steam.

Tip: Get going along with some friends to overcome feeling lonely while you run.

Without limits
Steve Prefontaine is one of the most recognized figures in the American sporting history. He broke numerous records but missed the Olympic gold medal. That shouldn’t stop you from seeing this inspiring film about a man who had no limits. This unique story of a true American hero should not be missed.

Tip: Take inspiration from the never-give-up spirit of the movie.

Run fatboy run
Running a marathon to win your lover back? Not too bizarre an idea. David Schwimmer directs this film starring Simon Pegg. It’s formulaic and entirely predictable, but some big laughs and convincing performances manage to take this film till the finish line with ease.

Tip: Maybe it’s time for some one-on-one run time with your partner.

Of course, we know it’s easier said than done, but if these films don’t inspire you, let us know some of your favorites right here in the comments.

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