You have got to hand it Amy Schumer. Sarcasm becomes her. Though her unique sense of humor is something everybody needs to witness at least once, it’s the underlying messages that are attached to each video that hit home.

First, it was a hilarious One Direction-esqe music parody that served as the answer to your makeup conundrum. And now, she’s taken on the world of fitness, and her target is lazy Americans.

If you’re one of those people who like to just lay around and let your partner do all the work in bed (quite like Amy herself), or wish you were burning calories just by sitting around, then the hilarious new clip from Inside Amy Schumer is totally meant for you.

This excerpt from Amy’s interview with Conan O’Brien totally sets the mood: “I just feel like we’re all so lazy with weight loss. I was just standing in a hot tub in Vegas one weekend, trying to get booked at Brad’s club, and I was thinking like, why can’t I be exercising by just standing here?”

Clearly, she understands the real American Dream better than anyone else. Watch the video, while we calculate how much weight we’ve lost, just by laughing out loud every time it came on screen:

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