Are Your Children Getting Enough Exercise?

It’s pretty hard not to be bombarded with technology everywhere we go and while technology has become a lifesaver for many things (ahem online shopping) it has become an issue when it comes to our children’s health.

It seems like kids today aren’t getting the necessary amount of physical exercise they need to keep fit and prevent the onset of various diseases.

While we’re not going to blame technology for this issue, it is true that children aren’t moving as much as they need to be and prefer to stay on the couch playing video games instead.

The Bad News

Children who are exposed to inadequate amounts of physical exercise suffer from weight gain, which leads to obesity, slower metabolism and increased exposure to diabetes and other issues.

Not incorporating the right amount of physical exercise at a young age also reduces a child’s movement and coordination skills as well as overall athleticism.

When your child spends time outdoors playing soccer or basketball, they’re establishing neural pathways that work to improve their overall agility and movement skills.

By spending more time at home and on your couch, your child is hindering their ability to build on these skills, which will only affect them negatively in the future.

The Solution

The good news is that kids are programmed to move. Take your child to the beach or to a park and you’ll see them running around in no time! The trick is to get them motivated and remove them from the black mirror that’s stopping them from experiencing a fun game of tag.

If you’re worried about your child’s weight gain, get them moving. Any amount of exercise, even if moderate, contributes to weight loss and lowering your child’s overall body mass index or BMI.

The Right Amount of Exercise

The bottom line is that children should be moving all the time. There’s no minimum or maximum amount of exercise — children should engage in more physical activity whenever they can with less screen time as possible.

However, to come up with some guidelines, if you are trying to help your child lose weight and reduce obesity, then 60 minutes of moderate to strenuous physical activity is recommended with a minimum of 15 minutes of vigorous physical activity every day.

Take heed that this is the minimum and not the optimal amount as children are prone to running around all day without getting the least bit tired.

What your child should be doing:

  • Swimming
  • Running
  • Climbing
  • Throwing a ball around
  • Playing
  • Squatting
  • Jumping
  • Lifting
  • Balancing

Ideas to Get Your Kids Moving

The following ideas are fun ways to incorporate movement into your child’s routine and get you moving more as well.

  1. Take them on hill sprints: If there is a hill nearby, walk to it and engage your child in some healthy competition of hill sprints.
  2. Walk to school: If your commute is close enough, instead of getting into the car, go on a fun walk instead.
  3. Swimming games: Engage in a round of Marco Polo or throw a toy underwater for your child to dive into the deep end to collect it.
  4. Build an indoor fort.
  5. Chores: Get your chores done by asking your child to help you bring the groceries in and take out the trash.
  6. Sign up for sports teams.
  7. Get them a scooter or a cycle: A healthier way for kids to get around, biking can motivate them to exercise their way to friends’ houses, instead of relying on you to drop them off every time.
  8. Learn their interests: Find a sport or a game that your child loves and engage in those games with them. They will want to move away from the couch and play with you instead.

Making little lifestyle changes can go a long way toward improving yours and your child’s health and can also prevent the onset of many health problems for your family in the future.

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