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All set for release on 1 May 2015, the latest installment of the Avengers has added more superhero power to take on Ultron, and the character of Dr Helen Cho, a geneticist from South Korea, will be helping them in their endeavor. Played by Claudia Kim (also goes by the name of Kim Soo-hyun), the role required the actress to build some muscle and gain weight, much like these other actors who had to modify their real life body proportions to suit their reel characters.

And, we’ve always said that being fit isn’t just about weight loss; sometimes it can be about putting on the right kind of weight too. With that in mind, we clock excerpts from Claudia’s interview with Yahoo, where she got candid about her fitness struggles.

Claudia Kim’s Muscle-Building Diet
Already small-built, courtesy her Asian genes, Kim’s maintained her trim figure by steering clear of sweet indulgences. “I’m so used to trying to stay slim and really restrict sugar and stuff like that. I still have to do that, but trying to take in so much protein is really challenging.”

Much like Dwayne Johnson’s high-protein diet, Kim, too, gets a big fill of protein shakes: “I have to have two or three protein shakes a day. I have tons of egg whites, lots of salmon. I stick to superfoods: avocados, chia seeds, stuff like that. I have to take a photo of everything I eat and send it to my nutritionist. It’s very tiring.” But, whether you want to use it beef up your muscles, accelerate your metabolism, or burn those fat cells, protein shakes are best served when they’re being used for what they’re intended. We help you Find Your Match With 5 Protein Shakes For 5 Very Specific Needs.

Trolling her breakfast options, much like we did Jessica Alba’s, we’ve discovered that Claudia relies on pea and whey protein to get her fill. “My favorite meal though, these days, is my egg white pancakes. I use three eggs—one I use a whole egg and then the rest I use just the egg whites. I mix that with one banana, and some chia seeds. I cook it in a pan and it tastes exactly like a pancake.” Get your dose of super-healthy breakfast options with these ingenious pancake recipes.

Claudia kim horse riding
Claudia Kim’s Workout
For the right kind of body tone, one must exercise all muscles groups and the best way to do so is with strength training. Like Gigi Hadid and Cara Delevingne, Claudia too, indulges in combat sports and martial arts to stay fit with some Jujitsu classes. Lifting weights and horse riding are some of the other activities that lend her some muscle definition through alternate fitness.

Needless to say, her new diet and exercise plan has us eager to catch her on the big screen when the movie releases; right after our first love Robert Downey Jr, of course.

Image Courtesy: Claudia Kim/Instagram; Source: Yahoo

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