While we only look at it as a means to lose weight, fitness is serious business with a whole set of repercussions and pitfalls that trap the misguided. This is exactly why we urge you to test if your personal trainer is up to the mark. Together with your nutritionist, the two lay the foundation of your fitness journey, and can help cushion multiple blows by advising you sensibly.

Consider them to be doctors or specialists, if you will. Never self-medicate or take matters into your own hands when in doubt. After all, workout injuries can damage you for life, and poor dietary choices can prove to be fatal.

But, before you decide to hand the controls to the trainer, it’ll serve you well to know a little bit about who you’re putting your trust in, so be sure to do a background check and test them on the job:

Let’s Get Personal
Everyone has a story to tell. Besides, when you go in for a job interview, you’re frequently asked why you’d like to come on board? And choosing a trainer is, in essence, figuring out if the trainer is a right fit for your needs. However, we recommend you start with an easy question like ‘How long have you been training?’ before you delve into the serious stuff. Slowly work your way to what drove them to become a trainer, and how they think they can help you shape up your weight loss journey.

A Fitness Mantra
Like everything, it’s about finding a balance. If you’re the laid back kind, you need to know which category your trainer falls in. Now, we’re not suggesting you get a trainer who is just as laid back as you are. No. We’re simply saying you need to strike a balance if you’re going to have to work together. You need to go with a trainer that will push you, but provide some great encouragement that will help you go that extra mile. At the same time, you need to be on the same page about the pace you want to set and where the finish line is. If you want to stop at a healthy weight bracket, but your trainer sees potential for you to be skin(nier), over the next year or so, maybe you need to re-evaluate.

Working out with a trainer

In Case Of An Emergency
Accidents happen at the most unexpected times. That’s why they’re called accidents. It’s always better to be prepared. You need to know you’re in safe hands, in case you tear a muscle, drop some weights, throw your back, or pass out for some reason. If not your trainer, at least your training center should be equipped to handle such mishaps themselves, or in conjunction with neighborhood doctors and hospitals.

Loyalty Program
A client-trainer relationship should be one that’s long-term. So, respect the schedule that has been agreed upon, and raise a red flag if they opt out or hand you to someone else one-too-many times. A good trainer will always spot you, be within a 5-step radius, and re-calibrate the workout routine to suit your concerns, aches and pains. They need to push you to train harder; but, not over the limit. If your trainer’s a juggler and shows favoritism to select clients, that’s your cue to trade up for someone else.

Nutrition Counts
If you’ve been through a few trainers, for whatever reason, you’re probably aware that they dole out nutrition advice and dietary recommendations. Figure out their credibility to know if their advice is worth following or not. If they have a background in nutrition, you can be sure they’re not going to recommend something that won’t work for you. That said, prescribing foods, protein shakes, supplements, etc, without the right qualifications can be very dangerous.

With these things in mind, all you need to cement the relationship is be honest with your trainer and take their feedback in a healthy, spirited way; even (constructive) criticism. An unbiased opinion about your current level of fitness and realistic goal-setting for the future will be mutually beneficial, as they gain another success story with a client, and you your good health.

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