For all those who devalue the air conditioned gyms, and promote running around in the open or loading up on active wear to sweat more, here’s a newsflash, the amount you perspire has nothing to do with the amount of calories you are losing.

Sure, a run around the park can be scenic and refreshing, but working out in a temperature-controlled gym helps you exercise for longer and keeps the toxic gases and pollution at bay. Your sweating can at best be attributed to the weather, the thickness of your active wear, medical conditions, or sometime physiological imbalances. If it was really that simple, wouldn’t people just sit in a sauna instead of slaving it out at the gym?

Whenever your body overheats for any reason, it is programmed to inherently cool down via perspiration. In fact, the amount you sweat decreases significantly as you train more regularly. Mind you, you are still burning as many calories as the bloke who is sweating out and grunting on the next treadmill.

You could use an activity tracker or heart rate monitor as a basic guideline, but remember, your body weight, metabolism, time of workout, diet, intensity of workout, and many other factors contribute to your weight loss program.

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