You’ve shed a lot of pounds. You’re looking good and feel at the top of your game, climbing the steep slope to that perfect body. You’ve almost reached that peak, but the slope has flattened out and began to plateau. Don’t be discouraged. Hitting a plateau is normal and happens to everyone—even athletes and power lifters. Here’s how you can get your groove back and work your way through it.

Count Those Calories
Think back to when you first started your diet and fitness program. You made a number of changes, drastically altering your lifestyle, physical activity and food habits. Your body reacted well to the sudden change and you began losing weight quickly, dropping them by the pound. It’s important to remember that during a weight loss program, our bodies change and you may need to re-evaluate what you’re doing periodically. It’s simple: what worked before, won’t work anymore. You may need to amp-up your workout or add more fiber or protein to your diet. Calorie deficit is not always the solution. Depending on your body type, you need a certain amount of calories to stay in top form for your workout.

The Change Up
Our bodies are built to adapt. Whether it’s to something as simple as the weather, or to something as strenuous as exercise. If your diet or exercise simply isn’t cutting it anymore, change things up a bit. Consulting your trainer and nutritionist, and modifying your diet and workout will trick your body out of its complacent state. Alternatively, if you’re without a trainer, joining a new class or simply trying out a friend’s workout might just do the trick.


Get Your Pulse Racing
Sometimes, the solution could really be a simple one—your heart rate. Wearing a heart rate monitor helps evaluate performance levels. Increase the intensity of your cardiovascular activity and weight training to keep your heart rate high, and in turn, burn more calories.

The Big Sleep
Sleep is one that most important aspects of fitness. If you’re not getting adequate sleep, your body doesn’t have time to rest, recover, and reboot in order to power on through the next day to its full potential. Lack of sleep only means increased levels of stress, and less time for the body to rebuild muscle and replenish energy lost during the day.

In the words of American journalist and author Hunter S Thompson, “Anything worth doing, is worth doing right.” Push yourself and break the monotony. But remember to find joy, fun, and passion in your fitness routine.

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