When one part of your life is working out and is a great success, try mimicking the base concepts to the other areas of your life that may need some extra attention. This rule of copy+paste with a few modifications can go a long way. Take for example, your dedication towards your fitness goals can translate brilliantly in the guise of passion towards your life partner. While it may sound a tad sketchy and unrealistic, read on to find out what we mean:

Goal Setting: Every means must have an end, and the end must be time-bound and quantifiable to be able to truly evaluate its success. When you take on a fitness plan, you set a target weight and chalk up a routine, leaving no grey areas in the matter. Your relationship needs the same kind of clarity: an understanding of what you want from your partner; how serious you are about each other; and where you expect to end up in the long-term (that’s if long-term is even on the agenda). Be realistic with your expectations, and vocal about your needs.

Consistency: Just as it is important to show up for your workout regularly in order to get the desired results, you must show up and be completely present—mind, body, soul—in your relationship too. An absent partner who fails to notice the little changes, slacks off in the romance department, and makes excuses to get out of couple’s time is bound to burn and crash.

Discipline: Cheating and temptation—the two words that are equally taboo in the matters of fitness and relationships, and are the cardinal sins that signal your downfall. It’s like this: if no one saw you eat that piece of chocolate, doesn’t mean it won’t show up on your calorie count; similarly, if your partner didn’t read that dodgy text from your ex, doesn’t mean they won’t notice you taking your phone to the bathroom.

Balance: Success at anything in life lies in the balance of all things. Like you need adequate amount of rest, a good and nutritious diet, and a regular workout routine to stay in top form, you also need passion in the bedroom, trust in your partner, and respect for each other in order to sustain a thriving relationship.

And remember, when you’re in a rut, go off the beaten track and mix things up with a new fitness routine or innovative ways to bond. This will help rekindle the passion and give things a new lease on life.

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