Get LIIT! Everything You Need To Know About Low Intensity Interval Training

Looks like the fitness world just gave us a new way to work out! It’s time to turn it down a notch and discover the powerful effects of low interval intensity training or LIIT to promote fat burn and weight loss.

What Is LIIT?

A calmer (but highly effective) relative of high interval intensity training (HIIT), which involves more intense workouts with shorter intervals and rest periods, LIIT workouts incorporate strength-training intervals with longer recovery periods.

In HIIT you perform exercises as quickly and as intensely as you can. In LIIT, your form and control are important and your LIIT workout lasts minutes instead of seconds.

This doesn’t mean that LIIT is by any means easier than HIIT. While LIIT is less intense, it will get your muscles on fire and you will burn a ton of calories in the process.

LIIT is extremely useful for older adults and for individuals who are in recovery training because not only is this an effective way to workout, it is also safer as it puts reduced stress on the joints.

LIIT and Everyday Exercise

You don’t have to take any drastic measures with your routine to incorporate LIIT. All you need to do is modify and format your exercises to turn them into a LIIT workout.

For example, if you are going on a jog, jog at a moderate speed for three minutes followed by a rest period of a brisk walk for five minutes.

If you are working out with weights, perform three to four sets, 10 reps each, of dumbbell and kettlebell training followed by 20-second side planks and a rest period of 90 seconds between each set.

Benefits of LIIT

HIIT has been all the rage for a while, but the benefits of LIIT might make you want to incorporate this workout into your routine ASAP.

1. Good for all ages

LIIT is great for beginners who are just getting started with their fitness routines and individuals who are recovering from an injury. Additionally, LIIT is a great workout for adults who are less fit and those who don’t want to participate in strenuous workout routines.

2. Promotes weight loss

Studies have found that LIIT is just as effective as HIIT when it comes to weight loss. You burn the same amount of calories and burn fat with LIIT and while it does take a longer period of time, LIIT still has the same weight loss effects as HIIT.

3. Long-term effects

LIIT has long-term benefits such as increased overall strength, a cognitive boost and improved endurance. Therefore, the results are more sustainable than HIIT while also reducing exposure to injury.

Other benefits include:

  • Promotes muscles growth and increases muscle mass
  • Burns fat and torches calories
  • Eases the body into a workout safely and effectively
  • Rehabs injuries
  • Boosts overall stamina and endurance

Is LIIT for You?

While not all workouts have the same effects on everybody, not every workout suits every individual.

Additionally, the way an individual burns fat, builds muscle and loses weight also depends on factors such as their metabolism, weight and gender.

That’s when LIIT comes in handy. If you think HIIT isn’t for you, maybe LIIT is and you won’t know if you don’t give it a shot!

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