Fab abs aren’t the only reason to indulge in core workouts. Their importance transcends many levels, as they help strengthen the spine, build endurance, trim harmful belly fat, and create a solid support structure that connects the upper and lower body. In fact, most injuries, weakness, and spasms can more often than not be traced back to poor core stability and balance, which is why, exercising and engaging the area on a daily basis is of utmost importance.

Here are three different core workouts that are effective, and can give you the desired results:

While it isn’t a high impact workout, yoga can still lead to sprains, pulls, fractures and dislocations if you neglect essential protocol. You should be mindful and present, warm up before practice, and enter and exit postures with control and not speed. The best way to inculcate a strong core is by embracing some challenging yoga poses that build stability and work on your posture, such as the balancing stick pose, and the standing big toe pose.

Strength Training
Weights, in particular free weights, are a great way to engage and strengthen the core as they require your body to be centered in order to execute reps without any jerky movements. Try this: Do a basic lunge but, get your grip on a kettlebell weight with both hands, and as you lunge forward, raise the weight above your head, in a slow, non-jerky motion. Lower the free-weight between every rep (do 10-12), and start over.

One of the best programs for a core workout, almost every Pilates move requires you to engage your mid-section and focus on deep belly breathing (like yoga). In fact, the famed Pilates reformer machine is based on the very principle that the powerhouse (or, the core) is the girdle of strength and must be tapped into while exercising.

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