Kayla Itsines Designs The Perfect Full Body Workout To Get You Ready For The Weekend

Kayla Itsines is not messing around when it comes to her workout routines. The fitness mogul has proven herself as one of the most influential fitness gurus out there due to her effective workout routines and fitness tips that keep all of us motivated to get fit.

We can always count on Itsines to come up with fun exercise routines that push us to our limits and make us want to try something new.

The best part? Itsines posts a ton of workouts for everyone to be able to do them without having to go to the gym or needing to invest in gym equipment.

If you’re ready to burn a ton of calories and enjoy your weekend with zero guilt, then this workout is here to set your appetite free because you know you have worked for it.

However, do keep in mind your portion sizes and don’t go too overboard — you don’t want to end up getting sick.

Kayla Itsines Full Body Workout

All you need is a 100 percent determination to put in the work. While this workout can be done at home, it’s by no means easy and is packed with intensity.

The following exercises in this workout should be performed for three to four sets each. Proper form and technique are important in order to maximize your performance and get results. You will need a medicine ball and a jump rope for this workout.

Squat and press, 15 reps

  • You can use a medicine ball or an exercise ball to perform the press.
  • Make sure when you squat that you push your hips back and you can see all your 10 toes when you lower down.

Burpees, 10 reps

  • As you come into a high plank position, your shoulders should be stacked above your wrists.
  • Perform burpees as explosively as possible to get your heart rate up.

Push-ups, 10 reps

  • Make sure your shoulders are stacked above your wrists and your hips are in line with your shoulders to get into position.
  • You have the option to perform these on your knees if you like.

Toe taps, 15 reps

  • These toe taps require you to lie on your back with your legs extended out front.
  • Lift your chest to reach for your toes.

Jump Lunges, 12 reps

  • When you perform jump lunges, your knee should be stacked above your ankle.
  • As you switch legs, make sure you come back to the center before switching to the opposite leg.

Sumo Squats, 15 reps

  • Spread your knees and legs out wide with your toes pointed out.
  • Place your hands across your chest and squat as low as you can go.

Sit-ups, 15 reps

  • These sit-ups require you to lie on your back with your legs extended out and your hands behind your head.
  • Lift your chest as you come up to sitting and reach for your toes.

Jump rope, 50 reps

  • Pick up your jump rope and get jumping!

Workout adapted from @kayla_itsines.

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