We’ve come across many bizarre hacks to lose weight: In Hong Kong, women stare at the sun for 44 minutes as they believe it curbs their appetite. Is there any surprise then that we were skeptical about the Chinese walking around on all fours in a bid to get fit? Sure, they do wear gloves, shoes and knee pads to protect against injuries, but it’s quite bizarre to look at.

If  you can get over being self-conscious and partake in this exercise, you’ll realise that the horizontal walk is very similar to the army training crawl, only here, your back is arched, your body is further up above the ground, and your legs and hands are stretched to remain straight.

Working Out The Benefits:

Scientifically Speaking
When you walk on all fours, your body weight is distributed evenly over your hands and feet. It takes the load off the lumbar muscles (the muscles in your lower back). This one’s straight from the animal kingdom, so take cue from any four-legged creature for inspiration. The horizontal crawl manages to engage even neglected muscles and makes them stronger. It also improves your sense of balance and coordination.

This workout routine is not meant for those who suffer from frozen shoulder, muscle strain, cervical problems, hernia or hypertension. If you have high blood pressure, you could feel light-headed and dizzy, as there’s poor blood supply to the brain; tread with caution.

What the Chinese are doing is not exactly a novel idea. The concept of imitating the animal walk for fitness has been seen time and again in the following forms:

  • Bear Crawl: It strengthens the muscles and improves your control over the body.
  • Army Crawl: It is a core exercise that mainly  focuses on the upper-body muscles.
  • Crab Walk: It is a full-body workout.
  • Spiderman Crawl: It works your lower back, booty and core muscles.
  • Inchworm: It improves your core flexibility and mobility.
  • Baby Crawl: It stabilizes your muscles and improves coordination.
  • Gorilla Crawl: It is a leg exercise that also opens up the hips.

Crawling is not just a great way to exercise, it also improves your sensory system. It is the best way to improve your reflexive strength, which is your body’s ability to anticipate a movement, or simply put, your reflexes.

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