Committing to a workout from an early age doesn’t just help you consistently lose weight, but also positively impacts the willingness for exercise in adulthood, says a study.

“These results may have implications for the importance of regular physical education in elementary and middle schools,” said lead author Theodore Garland, professor of biology in the University of California, Riverside.

“If kids exercise regularly through the school years, then they may be more likely to exercise as adults, which could have far reaching positive effects on human health and well being.”

“Modest levels of exercise can perhaps lower body mass without necessarily triggering homeostatic compensatory responses in food intake. If this relationship exists in humans, it could prove of value for ultimately determining recommended daily exercise criteria,” Garland said.

The researchers conducted their experiments on mice, but what’s important to note is that although the positive effect of early life exercise lasted for only one week, that time period in the life of a mouse is equivalent to about nine months for a human.

With this in mind, we urge you to teach your kids how to make the right food choices and lead active lifestyles. Begin by incorporating high intensity activities into their schedule; one’s that will keep their heart rate up, calories in control, and muscles exercised, while being a lot of fun too.

While you’ll be setting them off on the road to a lifetime of good health, you will also be saving them from the distorted body image and eating disorders that come along with peer pressure at a young age.

Source: IANS

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