Outdoor Series: Fall Outdoor Activities That Double Up As A Workout

Apple picking? Check. Exploring a corn maze? It’s on the list. If you have been a little overwhelmed trying to maintain your workout schedule and work on your fall activity to-do list, you might not have considered that these activities could double up as a workout!

While jet-skiing season starts to take a back seat, the new season comes with its own fall inspired activities that will get your heart pumping.

What most people don’t know is that many of these activities could also be designed to give you a great workout, with a little tweaking here and there.

Double Up Your Fall Activities to Sneak in a Workout

Get the whole family involved in your sneaky plan and get ready to combine some exercise with a whole lot of fun.

1. Apple Picking

You know it’s time to go apple picking when fall starts, which also means you can skip the gym to burn calories in nature instead. Apple picking involves a lot of walking, climbing, picking and carrying the basket full of delicious apples.

All your muscles are put to work as you essentially engage in cardio and strength-training without even knowing about it.

2. Corn Maze

If you’ve never been to a corn maze before, it’s time to try something new. Allow yourself to get lost within the maze as you walk or even jog your way back to the start. The amount of walking you do will burn calories without too much effort.

Additionally, walking for hours is extremely healthy for your heart and overall health, so you will come out victorious in many different ways than just mastering the art of figuring out a maze.

3. Bonfire Set Up

As the temperature starts to drop, spending time outdoors becomes more and more appealing, even with chilly nights. And, the exciting parts of cooler nights? The bonfire that we get to build, the s’mores to be made and the fun stories to tell with the gang.

Setting up a bonfire takes work. Hunting for wood, creating a depression for the pit and piling all the wood together to burn it will leave you huffing and puffing for all the right reasons.

4. Raking Leaves

Let your chores be an excuse to engage in an outdoor workout for the hour. Grab your rake and start piling all the rough leaves to get your yard looking spotless.

While you might think this is an easy way out of doing exercise, it can help you burn 400 calories in just half an hour.

5. Pumpkin Picking

We can’t have fall without pumpkins, and pumpkins are pretty heavy to carry around. Heading to a pumpkin patch will not only score you some fun pictures, but you can also make a strength training workout in it.

Try to pick up the larger pumpkins to really get those biceps working and maybe even perform a few overhead presses to tone your triceps in the process.

Mother Nature Wants You to Exercise

It’s amazing how much nature has to offer us when it comes to our health and fitness. Now’s the chance to take advantage of nature and take the opportunity to bring your family and friends closer together by making an event out of your favorite fall activities.

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