Basic Fitness Equipment For A Gym-Like Experience At Home

We all have those days where we bail on the gym because of a busy schedule, last-minute engagement, or a foul mood that makes us want to just curl up with some ice cream.

While the monetary aspect of the underused, advance-paid membership can seldom get you off the couch, the guilt of not working out supersedes all else, when you see your weighing scale tilting to the heavier side.

A good fix would be to log on to some yoga tutorials or engage in some bodyweight exercises at some point (considering they can be done in the comfort of your home and at a time of your convenience).

And though we know that a treadmill is the most popular gym equipment in most houses, there are some other gym props that can come handy when you want to add a dash of strength training and muscle toning to your cardio-driven at-home workout.

Here are our top five picks for fitness enthusiasts. We suggest you make your investments slowly, but surely, and you might not need that gym membership after all.

Bosu Ball


Add it to your workout routine to improve your balance, sharpen your reflexes, develop your flexibility and sculpt your body. The bosu ball allows you to change intensities while you workout, and uses more muscle groups, thereby helping you burn more calories.

Foam Roller


You can use your own bodyweight to massage different muscle groups by gliding on the roller. It tones the muscles, lengthens and strengthens tissues, and improves blood circulation in every cell.

It is the perfect equipment for recovery workouts, and to relieve joints or muscle pain.



This equipment targets three main areas—core strength, balance, and agility. The swinging action accelerates fat loss and exercises different muscle groups, depending on the variation of your exercise.

The free-weights occupy the least space, but can prove to be the most effective for muscle tone.

Medicine Ball


Dumbbells are passé; get on board with the medicine ball. You can swing with it to build muscle fibers and strengthen your body.

Core muscles get the best workout with this ball, which can give you those ripped abs you’ve always wanted.

Resistance Band


You can swap weights with this band for bicep curls, leg extensions, seated rows and a whole host of gym workouts.

It helps you control the level of intensity, and improve stamina and flexibility. Get in a full-body workout by exploring variations with resistance bands.

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