Negative Calories: Positive Weight Loss

It’s perhaps every other person’s dream to eat what they like without packing on the pounds. Now, the good thing is that this wishful thinking comes quite close to reality with negative-calorie foods.

Your body expends more energy (calories) digesting these foods, than their inherent calorific count, which essentially means that you can eat the ingredient in abundance and still be in deficit—well-poised for weight loss.

As we take you through five such superfoods that should be your go-to favorites, we’d like to remind you that the number of calories you need per day is determined by your age, metabolism and physical activity. On an average, men need about 2,500 calories, while women need about 2,000 calories daily.


AppleThe fruit is not only a great way to fight signs of aging but can keep you physically fit too. One 3.5 oz apple contains 52 calories, but the good thing about apples is its high fiber content. It helps your digestive system by cleaning out your colon and digestive tract, which leads to regulated weight loss.



A 3.5oz serving of chilies contains just 40 calories. Now, the interesting bit is that chilies of the jalapeno pepper, cayenne pepper, and chili pepper variety have a high thermogenic effect that speeds up your metabolism. It’s exactly why you perspire more after consuming the spicy ingredients.



A surprising note, 1 cup of black coffee contains just 2 calories. The key is to stay within limits though. Four cups of coffee is the daily recommended amount; any more and your blood pressure could skyrocket.

Coffee increases your metabolic rate, which increases fat oxidation and builds the perception of increased physical and mental energy.

Raw Tomatoes


These cherry-red fruits are loaded with antioxidants that are excellent for anti-aging. As a weight loss food, 3.5oz of tomatoes contain just 18 calories.

This makes them a great replacement for high-calorie foods, considering the fiber content accelerates the weight loss process, while also making you feel full.



Cucumbers: The vegetable is a great stress-buster for the skin, and it also contains very few calories because 95 percent of its contents is water. This makes it an ideal weight loss food. If you eat 100g of cucumber, you are consuming 16 calories, which gets utilized by your body to digest the vegetable.

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