Tips and Tricks To Help You Freshen Up After Your Lunch Workout

If you’re short on time and need to do a million different things after work, then you’ve probably planned to squeeze in a lunch workout during the day. Working out during lunch has become a popular routine for working professionals who want to stay in shape and avoid falling victim to a sedentary lifestyle.

From giving you an energy boost and helping you manage your stress better, working out during your lunch break seems to be an efficient way to keep up with your fitness routine and give you the rest of your evenings off to enjoy the other aspects of your life.

Between amping up the intensity to designing an effective yet time conscious routine to making sure you get back to work on time, you also need to find time to make sure you’re back looking and feeling fresh and without any evidence that you were doused with sweat just moments ago.

Easy Hacks to Freshen Up After Your Lunch Workout

If you’ve been trying to figure out how to get back to work from a workout without looking like a sweaty mess, then these simple tricks are here to get you looking and feeling fresh from your lunch workout.

1. Change from your workout clothes

This is the first rule in pulling off a lunch workout. After you’re done with your run, strength training or any kind of workout, make sure you change into fresh clothes before you get back to work.

You most likely sweat in your workout clothes and not only is staying in them harmful for your skin, but you’ll be carrying your workout scent with you to work, which is not something you or your coworkers would want.

2. Use this cooling trick

When you work out, you increase your heart rate and your body temperature in the process. If you’ve just engaged in an intense workout, your body temperature is probably running hot and you need some time to cool off.

If you’re having trouble cooling off, run your wrists under cold water for a couple of minutes as a quick trick to cool off and stop yourself from sweating.

3. Deodorant is your best friend

If you know you’re going to be working out on a particular day, you might want to put on your strongest deodorant to get you through your workout.

If you’re hustling for time and you can’t fit a shower in, reapply your deodorant post-workout in order to freshen up and stop sweating. You can also apply deodorant to all your glands to further help you stop sweating.

4. Dry shampoo is your other best friend

Besides deodorant, dry shampoo will also come to your rescue to help your hair look and smell fresh after your workout. Opt for a natural dry shampoo that you like, preferably pocket-sized so it’s easy to carry around.

All you have to do is use your fingers to massage the product through your hair and you’re good to go for the rest of the workday.

5. Touch up your makeup

Ladies, this one’s important as you don’t want to show up to work with mascara running down your face and your foundation looking splotchy and uneven.

Make sure you have some makeup remover wipes and the essentials like a lip tint, mascara and foundation to touch up your look before you head back to your desk.

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