Get Fit Like Kayla Itsines and Set Fitness Goals You Can Achieve

Fitness queen Kayla Itsines knows what it takes to get fit and stay healthy. From challenging workout routines and engaging fitness videos, Itsines has taken the fitness community by storm, inspiring her followers and everyone else to live a healthier life.

That’s why her book, “The Bikini Body Motivation & Habits Guide,” is a perfect read if you’re trying to keep your fitness game strong. Itsines shares how she stays motivated and continues to keep up with all her goals, and now, so can you!

Kayla Itsines Sets Fitness Goals

Get out your fitness to do list and get writing!

1. Define your goals

It’s important to understand what your goal is and to define exactly what you want to achieve. If you set clear goals, you will most likely work toward that goal rather than put it off. Itsines shares that reflecting on where you are now and where you want to be in the future will really help you get there.

2. Define your why

There’s no “what” without a “why.” Once you have defined your goals, it’s important to understand your motivation and reasoning behind those objectives. These goals are for you to achieve, and how you can promote a healthier you, therefore, knowing why you want to achieve them will motivate you to get there.

3. Be realistic

If you’re serious about achieving your goals, they should be realistic. Take into account your lifestyle and daily schedule before setting yourself up for goals that might not work with your daily routine. Setting smaller goals will help you move closer to your bigger goals.

4. Set a timeframe

Without having a set timeframe to reach your goal, your motivation to work hard will be lacking too. Set a specific timeline to achieve your goals. Itsines says that being specific and realistic is key. Having little alarms and continuously checking off your to-do list will be helpful to make sure you are on track.

5. Measure your progress

As you set your time frame, it is essential that you are making progress over time. Keep a fitness journal to record your habits and how you’re working toward reaching your goals. There are plenty of wearable tech products to help you stay on track and monitor all your activity.

6. Make an accountability calendar

It might be a good idea to have a planner to schedule how you’re going to stay fit. Penciling down workouts and healthy meals will take you closer to achieving your goals and keep you motivated to stick to them.

7. Reduce distractions

Reflect on what caused you to fail in the past and write it down. Understanding what went wrong and why will help you prevent future failure and keep you focused on what you want to achieve.

8. Celebrate each mini goal

Every goal you achieve is an accomplishment to be proud of. Your hard work is slowly starting to pay off, and you should definitely celebrate that! Treat yourself every time you hit a goal. It will keep you determined to stay on top of it.

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