Excuses To Not Work Out

If we had to choose between being a person full of excuses, versus a person who can’t shut up about their workout and diet, we’d pick the latter. If you think about it, there’s always some reason to avoid going to the gym—unreasonable work hours, impromptu travel trips, the holidays, the weekend, the… you get the drift.

But did you know that more than 50 percent of Americans do not engage in the required amount of physical activity for health benefits, while 25 percent are not active at all? The truth is, life often gets in the way, with work pressure, deadlines and commitments taking up most of our time.

What you need to think about is that all of these things are irrelevant if you don’t have your health. Fatigue trumps deadlines, dehydration and nausea trump late night drinks with friends, and a mindful snack beats the stomach-churning fast foods any day!

If you’ve been planning to get on a weight loss and workout plan but haven’t been able to, are these your reasons (read: excuses)? Let’s deal with them one by one, shall we?

I’m Too Tired

i am too tired

I’m Too Tired: Let’s face it, if you’re stuck behind your desk for most part of your day, you’re bound to feel the stress and strain. But, did you know that exercise has been shown to increase energy levels and leave people feeling better about themselves? Exercise works as a great mood elevator, which makes it the perfect solution to de-stress yourself. It alleviates anxiety by releasing endorphins (happy hormones), and relaxes your muscles. Start with just 10 minutes of activity each day. Soon, you will have the energy to do more.

Eating Healthy Is Expensive

being healthy is expensive

Eating Healthy Is Expensive: Whether it’s investing in organic foods or low-fat alternates, you’ll always be faced with the added expense of staying healthy. But, guess what, before weight loss took a glamorous turn, people were perfectly content with eating ordinary (not organic) fruits and vegetables, which helped them lose weight. There’s really no reason why you can’t just do what your parents or grandparents did to stay healthy.

I Don’t Have The Right Gear

i dont have the right gear

I Don’t Have The Right Gear: If you’re going to hit the gym (having paid the expensive membership fees), it’s natural to want to do it in style. That means, investing in the workout clothes; shoes that take the shape of your feet; and the latest fitness trackers and calorie counters that, to be honest, will do exactly what a free smartphone app does. But, have you considered the fact that prehistoric man was in excellent health even without the modern day toys you’re addicted to? In fact, some basic workouts benefit from you going at them barefoot for more traction and stability. Plain cotton tights or track pants are enough to prevent chafing and allow for a free range of motion. This excuse holds no water!

I Don’t Have Time

i dont have time

I Don’t Have Time: If you can make time to do the things you enjoy, then you can definitely make time to exercise, so long as it is enjoyable. That’s the key, really. People don’t realize that sweating it out at the gym is not the only way to go. Simple stretches at work, dance workouts to hone your talents, hikes and trails with your mates are all great ways to get a good dose of fitness that you genuinely want to make time for.

I Hate Going Alone

i hate going alone

I Hate Going Alone: Everything isn’t a social engagement. Don’t you wish you had some time to yourself? To be with your own thoughts and figure out what’s really going on with you? If you’ve just answered yes, be sure to make time for exercise. Preferably alone. It’s a great way to get back in touch with yourself, and working out alone is, in our opinion, a great confidence booster. In some cases, workout buddies with goals and a body type that’s different than yours can become roadblocks that distract you, hold you back, and even undermine your confidence.

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