Gym Etiquette: The 5-Point Checklist You Should Follow

Everyone knows that talking on the phone, hogging a machine and ogling at a fellow gym-goer are bad manners. But sharing a public space with 50-odd people for two hours every other day sure warrants more refined behavior than that.

Here’s how not to be ‘that’ guy; the one who lacks basic gym etiquette and becomes water-cooler talk for all the wrong reasons:

1Be Considerate

Don’t bully the new guy, stop hogging the water-cooler, use each machine for just 15 minutes if someone is waiting, and leave the phone in the locker.

Also, wear appropriate workout attire that actually fit so that no body parts are playing peek-a-boo, and return all equipment to their original slots so that no one trips over them.

2Hygiene First

You may hate having to carry that hand towel around while you workout, but please, do! No one should have to exercise in the residue of your sweat. Also, if you’re sick, stay at home. Sneezing and coughing all over the place is not okay.

3Locker Room Talk

Always stack your belongings in an orderly manner, and pack away those smelly socks and shoes as soon as you’re done. Also, walking around semi-nude could make some people uncomfortable, so take your clothes to the changing room unless you’re alone.

4Silence Please

If someone’s brought along their headphones, it’s not just because they prefer their own music, but also maybe they don’t like being disturbed while they workout. Don’t get chatty unless body language indicates that a person wants to talk.

Give people there space and don’t stare. Lastly, keep your expert advice to yourself; that’s what trainers are there for.

5Stay On Schedule

If you’ve committed to a personal trainer or group class, you knew what you signed up for, so don’t be late. In fact, reaching five minutes early is a good way to settle in, socialize with your peers if you like, and not disrupt an on-going session.

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