Head to the Water and Jet Ski Your Way to a Stronger Heart

Put on your lifejacket, you’re going jet-skiing this summer and coming back with a happier heart. Step out of your comfort zone and take your family and friends to the beach to soak up some sun and a lot of cardiovascular protection.

As you enjoy the scenic views around you and take in the calmness of the water, this healthy activity works to strengthen your muscles and combat any stress that you might be holding onto.

Health Benefits of Jet Skiing

A fun way to burn calories and stay active this season, jet skiing brings a lot more to the table than just an adrenaline rush.

1. Boosts Cardiovascular Health

Your jet ski session will make your heart extremely happy and healthy. Getting your heart rate up and working on improving your cardiovascular health from a young age keeps you protected from heart attacks and strokes in the future.

With an improved, healthy cardiovascular system, your blood circulation increases and your body’s ability to detox and remove harmful toxins also improves in the process.

2. Improves Concentration

Jet skiing requires you to focus on riding your equipment and maintaining a safe path as you navigate through the water. By forcing you to stay focused, you’re inevitably improving your concentration skills in the long run.

3. Strengthens and Tones Abs

Who says ab workouts are no fun? As you balance and hold your weight trying to keep the jet ski (and yourself) afloat, your core is engaged and put to work to keep you steady on the machine.

The longer you ride that jet ski, the longer and harder your abs muscles are working, leaving you with stronger and more toned abs from the activity.

4. Burns Lots of Calories

Burning about 238 calories with a half hour of jet skiing, you can end up burning a ton of calories if you plan on staying out in the water for more than an hour.

Of course, the amount of calories burned does depend on your weight and metabolism, but all in all, this fun activity does get you closer to your weight loss goals.

5. Strengthens Muscles

Your upper body and lower body are constantly engaged during this activity. Navigating through the water and keeping the jet ski afloat requires your arms and legs to constantly be alert and ready to tackle any waves or ripples in the water.

Additionally, your ab muscles are also working hard to help you balance and stay stable on the jet ski, leaving you with stronger muscles all over.

6. Reduces Stress and Tension

Simply being out in the water and taking in all the serenity and beauty around you can instantly relieve you from anything that has been causing you stress and tension. Next time you need to de-stress, take your jet ski out and leave your worries behind.

7. Blend Fun With Exercise!

There’s nothing like indulging in a fun activity and realizing that you’re building strength and burning calories along the way.

Being out in the water with all your friends boosts happiness and helps you bring out your adventurous side, all while working on your overall fitness at the same time.

Stay Safe and Have Lots of Fun

Remember to wear your life jacket and be completely familiar with all the safety measures of the jet ski. If you’re setting out to jet ski on the ocean, it might be a good idea to take a look at the tide charts for the day.

Slap on some natural sunscreen to protect yourself from the sun and drink lots of water to stay hydrated. It’s time to head to the beach and make your fitness game strong!

Quick FAQs

1. How many calories can you burn while jet skiing?

Depending on your weight, gender, and metabolism a person weighing about 150 pounds can burn around 238 calories during a half-hour session of jet skiing.

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