At-Home Series: 6 Must Have Pieces of Equipment for Your Home Gym

Can’t make it to the gym? Bring it home! Thousands of people have designed their very own home gym and for good reason. Not only do they have their own workout spot right at home, but they also don’t have the trouble of taking a detour from their house every time they need to work out.

At-home workouts have increasingly become a popular way for individuals to maintain a healthy routine that doesn’t allow for any unnecessary excuses to skip their workouts.

Once you have your home gym started, the next step is to fill it up with handy equipment that will really take your routine to a whole new level.

While working out without any equipment is still effective, useful tools such as dumbbells and kettlebells are actually an excellent way to burn fat and keep your muscles strong.

6 Must-Have Items You Need In Your Home Gym

Let’s get your workout started! Take a look at the top equipment pieces to invest in for your home gym.

1. Adjustable Kettlebells/Dumbbells

Using weights such as kettlebells and dumbbells are a great way to pack in a full body workout as you can build muscle and burn fat efficiently and effectively.

What’s great about the adjustable feature is that you can choose between lighter weights or a heavier set depending on the intensity level and type of exercise.

2. Resistance Bands

Easy to store and carry with you, resistance bands are an excellent item to use when it comes to sculpting and building strength.

Resistance band workouts can improve range of motion and stretch your muscles that ultimately increases flexibility and reduces the risk of injury.

3. Yoga Mat

Yoga has proven to be an effective workout for boosting overall fitness and as a remedy to treat various ailments. No need to worry about working out on tiled or wood floors, having a yoga mat around allows you to comfortably carry out your push-ups and planks.

In the mood to relax, whip out your mat and perform gentle asanas to get you ready for a good night’s sleep.

4. Stationary Bike

Cycling is an extremely healthy exercise that is gentle on your joints and engages your body to work against resistance.

Stationary bikes nowadays have features that can help you keep track of your progress and allow you to set the level of your biking course to increase or lower the intensity of your workout.

5. Weighted Jump Rope

Jump rope exercises are a helpful way to get your full-body workout and boost your cardiovascular fitness.

Add a little challenge to your jump rope and invest in a weighted option. Weighted jump ropes give you the opportunity to work with resistance and get your heart rate up quicker than a regular jump rope.

6. Foam Roller

The recovery period is one of the most important phases of your workout. You need to give your muscles time to relax and build strength to maximize your performance when you’re back at the gym.

Foam rollers are a great way to reward your muscles and soothe any soreness that you may feel after strenuous exercise. Easy to use and portable to carry almost anywhere, you won’t regret adding this important item in your home gym.

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