How Can Meditation Affect Your Workouts?

Exercise and meditation are two powerful techniques that do wonders for one’s physical and psychological self. However, have you ever thought about how one activity affects the other?

Regular exercise is known to bring the body and mind numerous benefits, including a boost of happiness, reduced stress, improved overall fitness, and promoting a healthy way to manage your weight.

Meditation boosts focus and induces relaxation, allowing the body to achieve balance and wind down from the energy released during vigorous exercise. The breathing activities and mental exercises one performs during meditation also help to achieve overall well-being.

While exercise and meditation have their own advantages, combining these two practices to work with each other only furthers the positive outcomes one can obtain from these techniques.

Benefits of Meditation Combined with Exercise

Meditation is known to boost the effects of exercise and improve one’s performance during their workouts. Additionally, meditation also reduces feelings of stress and anxiety and is known to curb the habit of overeating.

1. Promotes Focus During Exercise

The art of meditation helps to improve your focus and, therefore, enables you to concentrate on the task in front of you. By aligning your energy and focusing on your workout, you are more likely to give your full commitment and stay motivated to reach your fitness goals.

Even a few minutes of meditation can help you achieve the focus you need to fuel your workouts and achieve results.

2. Improves Strength, Stamina & Endurance

It’s right around the second or third round of exercises where you feel like you want to quit. Not only is this round the most effective, but giving up will only prevent you from building your stamina and endurance for future workouts. Meditation can help with that.

By incorporating meditation into your daily routine, you allow your mind to achieve a state of consciousness that is deeper than sleep. Not only does this practice refresh your body, your physical and mental well-being is also given a little boost.

While it is important to get a good amount of sleep in order to promote strength and rejuvenate the body, medication helps to foster these outcomes and encourages you to be prepared to give it your all.

3. Prevents Injury

The mindfulness that is achieved through meditation helps you focus on the now and be more aware when it comes to performing the different exercises in your routine.

You will start to focus on your posture and the correct way of using the machines instead of rushing through the exercises. These subtle changes will help you be more efficient and effective during your workouts and prevent you from being seriously injured.

4. Promotes Muscle Recovery

Post-workout DOMs or soreness is a natural way of the body signaling to us that it needs time to repair and recover. Multiple factors can affect how quickly or slowly our muscles can recover from vigorous exercise.

Meditation can help to lower stress and work to ease overall tension from our minds and bodies.

5. Helps With Your Breathing

Our breath is often the hardest to control during exercise. Through the various breathing techniques practiced during meditation, we can train ourselves to be more aware of our breath and focus on our breathing to get us through our strenuous routines.

Breathing correctly and regularly during workouts is extremely important in order to promote steady blood circulation and keep our muscles oxygenated.

Reap the Benefits of Meditation and Exercise

Whether you decide to meditate pre or post-workout is up to you, however, taking a few minutes of time and dedicating it to meditate can prove to be extremely helpful with regular exercise.

There are multiple outlets where you can practice meditation, including online videos, meditation centers, and social media.

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