How Jennifer Garner Got Fit For Her Role In Peppermint
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From recently unveiling her star on the Walk of Fame to gearing up for the release of her new action film, Peppermint, Jennifer Garner has been making headlines everywhere, and it’s for all the right reasons.

We can’t get enough of how fit and amazing Garner looks lately and hearing about her workout regimen to prepare for Peppermint is making us want to hit the gym.

In order to get truly into the role of a vigilante mom looking for revenge, Garner prepared by getting into shape through intense exercise and following a healthy diet, and now we’re here to spill the beans on what her routine looked like.

A favorite among many celebs, Garner incorporates boxing and martial arts in her workouts to get into shape. Nothing like learning how to fight and throw a punch to really get you in character.

Boxing has proved to be a go-to workout for many celebs such as Jennifer Anniston and Gigi Hadid. Not only do you burn a ton of fat and work your core muscles, boxing is also an excellent workout to reduce stress and help you let go of any tension you might be holding on to.

Garner also shared on her Instagram that she practiced Cryotherapy every day, a process that involves standing in a chamber of freezing temperatures of about -130 degrees Fahrenheit for a few minutes.

Cryotherapy is known to have many benefits such as alleviating muscle cramps and aches, combatting inflammation and aiding in weight loss.

Besides Cryotherapy, Garner worked it with Simone De La Rue, the famous celebrity trainer known for her exercise, “Body By Simone.” Garner gushes on her Instagram how much she loves working with Simone and thanked her for making her smile throughout the exercise routine.

While exercise is important, maintaining a healthy diet plays an equal role in how Garner maintains her fitness. The actress worked with wellness expert Kelly LeVeque to get into top shape for her movie.

Indulging in a healthy smoothie every day for breakfast, Garner was never shy in trying out new recipes and finding substitutes for her ingredients.

An inside tip that LeVeque shared in her interview with MyDomane, is to combine protein, fat, fiber and greens in order to enjoy a balanced diet, fight inflammation and curb unnecessary cravings.

To top it all off, Garner is a big fan of the farm-to-table process and even owns a farm in Los Angeles. She instills a healthy living mentality even with her kids who love to eat vegetables that are grown on the farm.

The mom of three is enjoying her well-rounded life as she balances her career and being a full-time mom. We think it might be time to sign up for that boxing class that we’ve been putting off and maybe even make space for a vegetable garden in our yards.

Catch Jennifer Garner on the big screen for her action-packed film, Peppermint, releasing on September 7.

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